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13 of the Most Polluted Rivers within the World: 2 are within the USA!

Rivers are a geological artery for all times as a result of they supply a channel for treasured freshwater by way of land. Solely a dozen or so rivers are chargeable for ninety p.c of the plastic waste in our oceans regardless of there being a whole bunch of rivers on the planet.

On account of city, industrial, and agricultural air pollution, some rivers are actually poisonous. When industries all over the world create poisonous wastewater, solely 20% of it finally ends up being handled. The remaining leads to rivers, oceans, and lakes.

In some areas, the result’s no entry to sanitary ingesting water. Soiled ingesting water results in extra deaths than all types of violence mixed, together with warfare. These rivers all have big human populations dwelling round them and using them. Nevertheless, these lifelines have little to no waste administration techniques in place, which has confirmed disastrous.

What are 13 of essentially the most polluted rivers on this planet? We’ll discover out now.

1. Salween River in Southeast Asia

Textile factories helped make the Salween River probably the most polluted on this planet.

Amnat Phuthamrong/

This river winds by way of Tibet, China, and Myanmar. Textile factories are an enormous contributor to the river’s toxicity. Whole villages have given up on fishing to gather plastic and different recyclables from the river. They used to fish for issues like catfish.

2. Ganges River in India

Ganges river
Regardless of being extremely contaminated, Hindus bathe within the Ganges River.

Marcos del Mazo/

There’s a goddess in Hinduism named Ganga, who’s the personification of the Ganges River. Her position is forgiveness and purification, which makes the restoration and conservation of the Ganges much more necessary to many Indians.

Sins might be cleansed away for Hindus within the Ganges River. That results in hundreds of thousands bathing within the river yearly despite the fact that it’s very polluted. There’s a layer of plastic rubbish that floats on the floor.

Mass quantities of uncooked sewage find yourself on this river that over 2 billion folks rely on. Regardless of this, over 40% of the inhabitants of India appears to the Ganges as their supply of ingesting water.

Greater than a billion gallons of poisonous supplies are dumped within the river every day. Corpses are thrown into the water, but untreated water is used for cooking. Water-related diseases are widespread when an individual contacts the water in any method.

3. Yellow River in China

1653095089 496 13 of the Most Polluted Rivers in the World 2 - August 19, 2022
There’s a lot poisonous waste within the Yellow River that it may’t be used for agriculture.


The fastest-growing economic system on this planet is China because of its velocity towards industrialization. Within the course of, these industries have dumped a lot poisonous waste into the Yellow River that it may’t even be used for agriculture.

There’s pure sediment that’s yellow-colored, which helps to make the river look even dirtier. It’s the third longest river in Asia. Greater than 4 billion tons of pollution are dumped into the river yearly.

The Yellow River is a ingesting water supply for many individuals, which has prompted an increase in water-related diseases.

4. Mississippi River in the US

1653095089 39 13 of the Most Polluted Rivers in the World 2 - August 19, 2022
The Mississippi River’s mouth into the Gulf of Mexico is devoid of life.

Greater than 18 million Individuals depend on the Mississippi River for ingesting water regardless of it being closely polluted. Trade, agriculture, and sewage are chargeable for contaminating the waters.

Agricultural runoff containing nitrogen-based fertilizers will get into the river and reduces the oxygen ranges of the water. This has prompted a mass die-off of aquatic life. An 8,000 sq. mile lifeless zone exists on the mouth of the river into the Gulf of Mexico. Nearly no life exists there.

5. Yangtze River in China

Yangtze River
The Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia.

mark stephens pictures/

Oxygen ranges have been diminished within the water, which has prompted a mass die-off of life within the river. It’s the third-longest river on this planet and the longest in Asia. Extra plastic within the ocean originates from the Yangtze than anyplace else on earth.

6. Buriganga River in Bangladesh

Buriganga River
The water within the Buriganga River is so polluted that it’s black.

Sk Hasan Ali/

The Buriganga River is the largest in Bangladesh. “Outdated Ganges” is the English translation of Buriganga. The town of Dhaka, with a inhabitants of round 10 million folks, is most reliant on this river. The water is so polluted that it’s now black. Regardless of this, hundreds of thousands nonetheless depend on it as their fundamental water supply. There is no such thing as a aquatic life left.

There are tanneries alongside the river which contaminate the water. There’s plenty of rubbish floating within the river, together with medical waste, lifeless animals, uncooked sewage, and discarded petroleum.

7. Pasig River within the Philippines

Pasig River
The Pasig River is used for sewage, rubbish, and ingesting water by slums alongside its banks.

MDV Edwards/

The same old participant, industrial waste, is the primary contributor to the deterioration of this river. It’s thought-about biologically lifeless since no vegetation or animals can survive in its waters.

As this river runs by way of Manila, it performs host to slums attributable to excessive poverty. The river is used as the one supply of water, sewage, and trash disposal for these miniature cities.

8. Mantaza-Riachuelo River in Argentina

Mantaza Riachuelo River
Nicknamed the Slaughterhouse River, the Mantaza-Riachuelo stinks as a result of a lot slaughterhouse waste is in it.

Anibal Trejo/

Uncooked sewage is launched into this river in big portions. It’s the most polluted river in South America.

The Mantaza-Riachuelo is nicknamed the Slaughterhouse River due to the quantity of waste that tanneries and slaughterhouses alongside its banks produce. All this rot makes all the river stink.

9. Citarum River in Indonesia

Citarum River
Mercury ranges are greater than 100 instances what they need to be within the Citarum River.

Bastian AS/

Over 2,000 factories dump their waste into the Citarum River. Mercury ranges are multiple hundred instances increased than they need to be because of industrial waste. The river itself stinks as a result of it’s so polluted.

Over 30 million folks use the Citarum River as their major water supply. Regardless of its toxicity, it’s nonetheless used for home and agricultural functions.

Lifeless fish are a standard sight within the river. Their habitat has been devastated to the purpose that fishermen have turned to sifting by way of the river’s plastic waste. Promoting plastic is extra worthwhile than making an attempt to catch contaminated animals that hardly exist.

10. Sarno River in Italy

Sarno River
Whereas the supply of the Sarno River continues to be clear, downstream is filthy.

Pasquale Senatore/

The supply of this river continues to be secure to make use of for ingesting water. The farther you go downstream, the dirtier the water will get from agricultural runoff and human business.

The Sarno River often floods, and when it does, the toxins within the water saturate the bottom and trigger soil degradation. The floor of the water is usually lined with foam created by chemical compounds and oil.

11. Yamuna River in India

Yamuna River
The pH of the Yamuna River is far increased than it must be.


India’s second most polluted river is the Yamuna which is a tributary of the Ganges. Uncooked sewage, industrial, and agricultural waste is dumped within the Yamuna.

Most waters have a pH of seven, however the Yamuna River’s pH is 11. At this level, even when correct water therapy was put into place, it most likely wouldn’t assist.

12. Marilao River within the Philippines

Marilao River
The Marilao River is so polluted that it may’t maintain life.

JFVelasquez Floro / Artistic Commons – License

This can be a fundamental supply of water for hundreds of thousands of individuals regardless of it being polluted with human, mining, and tannery waste. It’s one other river with so many toxins in it that water oxygen ranges are negligible.

There is no such thing as a life on this river because the water can’t maintain it.

13. Tijuana River in Mexico and the US

Tijuana River
When the Tijuana River dries up, the river mattress mud is harmful.

Chad Zuber/

Although this river is small, town of Tijuana closely pollutes this river which dumps into the Pacific Ocean in the US.

There are excessive quantities of agricultural pesticides within the water in addition to many of the uncooked sewage for Tijuana. The river does dry up typically, and when this occurs, the mud from the riverbed could cause sickness.

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