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5 Kinds of Volcanoes

Volcanoes are a large a part of historical past. Everyone knows the tragic story of Pompeii and the mighty Mount Vesuvious and the destruction that adopted. But, volcanoes are extra than simply what they will do once they erupt.

As we speak we’ll discover 5 several types of volcanoes. On every one, we’re going to delve proper into the crater and discover inside. Let’s get began!

Every Kind of Volcano

The 5 kinds of volcanoes we’ll discover are:

  1. Cinder Cone Volcanoes
  2. Advanced Volcanoes
  3. Composite/Strato-Volcanoes
  4. Defend Volcanoes
  5. Spatter Cone Volcanoes

Volcanoes are significantly fascinating, primarily since there are such a lot of varieties. They’re greater than a ticking time bomb threatening close by communities, and they’re part of our planet earth and provides us an actual likelihood to discover the inside workings.

Let’s work collectively and expose volcanoes for the magnetic topic they’re.

1. Cinder Cone Volcanoes

Cinder cone volcanoes are made up of pyroclastic fragments that type the tunnel the place lava erupts


When a volcano erupts, it shakes free quite a lot of rock fragments. These rock fragments are known as pyroclastic fragments, and these are thought-about volcano composites and differ from abnormal rocks due to their elements.

These pyroclastic fragments are what type cinder cone volcanoes. This volcano is cylindrical in form and creates the vent from which lava erupts. Normally, the highest of the volcano has a deep bowl-like crater that has grown outward from the drive.

The way in which this works is fairly fascinating, as rocks type their very own tunnel after every eruption and form the within of the volcano. Cinder cone volcanoes are inclined to look lovely inside because the stones are made up of lava fragments and may have that fairly, glassy look to them.

The cinder cone volcano is the commonest sort of volcano you’ll come throughout. They’re additionally smaller than the typical volcano and generate considerably much less drive, particularly once they expertise an eruption.

Types of Volcanoes - Cinder Cone
Cinder cone volcanoes sometimes have a cylindrical vent on their prime.

Stan Jones/

Eruptions are manufactured in a fairly easy approach.

  • First, fuel pushes up the shoot, or the cone, from the magma churning deep beneath.
  • Second, cinders and volcanic ash are pushed out of the way in which by the fuel.
  • Third, the wind pulls the ash and cinders out over the land past the volcano.
  • Fourth, lava pulses from the volcano and rides in rivers down the volcano til it cools, changing into a brand new floor.

The way in which this sort of volcano kinds and erupts is a miraculous incidence!

2. Advanced Volcanoes

1653125528 401 5 Types of Volcanoes - August 12, 2022
Advanced volcanoes are generally known as such as a result of they type irregularly and may have a number of vents.


A posh volcano kinds from one other extra miniature volcano over time. That’s why they’re known as complicated, or compound, volcanoes.

They’re fabricated from lava move materials and pyroclastic rock, which we now know comes from when volcanic gasses blow up so onerous they break rocks aside and magma breaks via the floor. They aren’t particularly one materials or one other. 

As an alternative, complicated volcanoes are composed of a variety of supplies from eruptions over time. The way in which lava flows and materials falls can change the path of the vent and form the volcano in distinctive methods.

One of many causes these volcanoes are known as complicated volcanoes is as a result of they don’t look alike. Since these volcanoes develop so in a different way, they’re complicated of their formations. Over time, the volcano’s vent can shift, and the magma releases in a unique place.

Volcanic Complex - Indonesia
Volcanic complexes can have a number of peaks which might be linked to at least one one other

Putu Artana/

Within the picture above, you possibly can see a volcanic complicated from Indonesia. Discover how quite a few vent factors have shaped over time and the presence of a number of peaks.

3. Composite/Strato-volcanoes

1653125528 200 5 Types of Volcanoes - August 12, 2022
Strato-volcanoes are fabricated from composite materials from when lava escapes fissures and flows freely down the volcano, serving to it increase and reshape

Meister Images/

Like complicated volcanoes, strato-volcanoes are shaped from eruptive materials the earth spits out. These volcanoes are typically a lot older than different volcanoes and will not be as frequent because of the hundreds of years and tons of of eruptions essential to type the fabric they’re composed of.

Strato-volcanoes are seemingly the volcano you image once you learn the phrase volcano. They’re tall and have a cone-like form. When lava, which is hotter than some other materials on earth, flows via the cracks of the volcano, it modifications its form.

The cone of the strato-volcano is made up of composite materials, escaped lava, and pyroclastic rock. The layers construct the volcanoes up over time. 

These volcanoes largely erupt over time at an affordable consistency. Nonetheless, they will additionally function a number of the extra notable eruptions in current reminiscence. For instance, Washington‘s Mount St. Helens is a strato-volcano that had a significant eruption in 1980. Many of the ‘ring of fireside’ that stretches throughout the Pacific is strato-volcanoes.

Strato-volcanoes are inclined to type calderas, craters at their suggestions which have collapsed into themselves. Calderas seem as a hole place in a crater after it has been emptied of magma.

Calderas are principally sinkholes contained in the tops of volcanoes that type from the strain of the magma and its launch. This reshapes the within of the volcano, whereas the leaking magma modifications the skin of the volcano.

4. Defend Volcanoes

1653125528 872 5 Types of Volcanoes - August 12, 2022
Defend volcanoes are named such as a result of their lava flows outward as an alternative of upward, forming a big volcano that’s unfold out in a shield-like design


As the biggest sort of volcano, the defend volcano can be essentially the most risky of volcanoes.

The explanation these are known as defend volcanoes is fairly simple to determine. As an alternative of a considerable dramatic explosion puffing ash and rock into the air, these eruptions are softer. This doesn’t imply they’re any much less damaging, although.

The lava that seeps out of the volcano spreads out at nice distances, that means it extends outward for miles though it doesn’t have a heavy peak. The Hawaiian islands are literally made up of defend volcanoes.

Since these volcanoes have softer explosions with much less particles drifting outward, it’s simpler to reside of their shadow. One simply must know to not reside within the elements of the volcano closest to the place the lava flows.

The lava that creates the defend volcanoes shouldn’t be as robust as different lava pushed up with fuel, and that’s a part of why it flows in a way more light method than with different volcanoes, and it’s a a lot thinner type of lava.

The fabric of a defend volcano isn’t as different as with different volcanoes since it’s simply the weak lava that has flowed over itself over time. These volcanoes usually have calderas or sinkholes throughout the peak.

Most of the 6 energetic volcanos in Hawaii are thought-about defend volcanoes. Think about residing on the base of a volcano that erupts commonly. You’d must be courageous and ready always in case the volcano decides to unfold additional than it has earlier than. It’s even potential to hike up an energetic volcano in Hawaii if you happen to dare!

5. Spatter Cone Volcanoes

1653125528 773 5 Types of Volcanoes - August 12, 2022
Spatter cone volcanoes are made up of rocks they erupt, changing into welded collectively

Rui Serra Maia/

The spatter cone sort of volcano is a very thrilling volcano as a result of it’s shaped from volcano fragments welded collectively in a gorgeous construction. Like in different volcanoes, gases push upward from the magma and blow up massive chunks of volcanic rock.

They generally tend to overflow and push out magma into outlying areas. The lava travels over the spatter cone mound to type new folds of the small peak.

Spatter cones, when not energetic, are inclined to resemble an ant mound. Over time, the mound grows right into a volcano as a result of the unique vent spitting up magma and rocks releases increasingly more, and people rocks construct the volcano we see.

Because the rocks weld collectively, the construction of the volcano kinds. Over time, they push the volcano upward and provides the edges a pleasant, steep edge. Though they don’t develop bigger than about 30 ft, they genuinely do depart an impression.

The rocks that these volcanoes blow outward are known as the spatter, or agglutinate. For this reason they’re known as spatter cones. As a result of the fabric simply splatters outward and kinds the volcano. 

Typically folks surprise in regards to the distinction between splatter cone volcanoes and cinder cone volcanoes. Cinder cones are made up of rocks you possibly can pull aside, whereas spatter cone volcanoes are welded collectively, and you may’t choose up any items

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