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9 Saltwater Lakes From Throughout the World: One is in Antarctica!

Most individuals think about a parched desert with a saltwater lake in it, however saltwater lakes may be present in any area and local weather. The world’s oceans have a salinity content material that hovers round 3.5%, whereas salt lakes are significantly greater than that, with the saltiest coming in at virtually 40%.

What are 9 of the lakes worldwide which might be saltier than the ocean? This text will talk about such lakes.

1. Lake Assal

Lake Assal is positioned in Djibouti.

Dave Primov/

Djibouti is dwelling to Lake Assal, which occurs to be the bottom level geologically in Africa. It is usually the third-lowest place on earth. It’s ten instances saltier than the ocean, and it’s the third saltiest physique of water on the planet.

No actual ecosystem exists within the water, although there may be bacterial life. There are migratory animals like camels, antelopes, and birds that cease by the lake, and you may also discover some wandering bugs and lizards. None besides the micro organism are full-time residents.

There’s nonetheless an lively salt commerce on this area that some native tribes depend on as their most important supply of survival. There are salt deposits within the lake which might be over 200 ft tall, so Lake Assal has been an ample useful resource for hundreds of years.

2. Lake Urmia

Lake Urmia
Lake Urmia is located in Iran.

Sebastian Castelier/

Lake Urmia is positioned in Iran, and it is likely one of the largest saltwater lakes within the Center East. The lake itself takes up over 3% of Iran’s whole land.

Pelicans and flamingoes make non permanent houses in these salty waters, and the lake is dwelling to a sort of brine shrimp. Quite a lot of different birds breed on the flats across the lake, and it’s an essential migratory cease for much more birds.

The brine shrimps are referred to as Artemias, they usually’re referred to as animal extremophiles due to the inhospitable situations they name dwelling. Artemias exist in a number of salt lakes all over the world, in order that they aren’t unique to Lake Urmia. Every lake has a distinct variation of this brine shrimp.

Drought and a necessity for agricultural water have taxed the lake. This has brought on beforehand unexposed lakebeds to be delivered to the floor and has raised the lake’s salinity, which can injury animal habitats.

3. Sambhar Salt Lake

Sambhar Salt Lake
Sambhar Salt Lake is the supply of 9% of the salt produced in India.


Sambhar Salt Lake is the most important lake in India, and there’s a number of totally different sorts of animals that stay in and on it. The monsoons trigger a dramatic fluctuation of water on this shallow lake, turning the realm right into a saline wetland.

About 9% of the salt produced by India is completed so at this lake. There may be competitors between salt producers, with some utilizing unlawful strategies which might be compromising the ecosystem of the lake.

Flamingoes and many different birds use this space of their migration. Micro organism and algae thrive within the water, which helps the life that pulls the birds.

4. Lake Baskunchak

Lake Baskunchak
Lake Baskunchak offers 80% of Russia’s salt.

Yuliya Loginova/

Lake Baskunchak has been offering salt for commerce because the eighth century, and right now, 80% of Russia’s salt manufacturing occurs at this lake. It’s in southern Russia and is a scorching vacationer attraction as a result of it’s believed the lake’s clay has therapeutic and therapeutic properties, although there isn’t any science to again up this declare.

5. Pangong Lake

Pangong Lake
Pangong Lake fully freezes within the winter.


That is the very best saltwater lake on the earth and is within the Himalayas. In contrast to many salt lakes, this lake fully freezes within the winter. Geese and marmots are identified to walk the shores searching for crustaceans to eat, and a few snails can tolerate the saltwater.

Sitting at over 14,000 toes in elevation, Pangong Lake is the very best saltwater lake on the earth.

6. Mono Lake

Mono Lake
Mono Lake is located in California.

Radoslaw Lecyk/

Tufa towers spring out of Mono Lake, which is east of Yosemite in California. Ten animal species stay solely in Mono Lake’s sediment and water. They’re alkali flies, brine shrimp, and a specialised extremophile.

Eight sorts of nematodes, or roundworms, that stay in Mono Lake can survive in situations with arsenic ranges 500 instances stronger than what it takes to kill a human. A lot of birds nest right here, so it’s an awesome vacation spot for chicken watchers.

7. The Nice Salt Lake

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The Nice Salt Lake is the most important salt lake within the Western Hemisphere.

Bella Bender/

Utah is dwelling to the Nice Salt Lake, with its capital named after this large physique of water. It’s the largest salt lake in not solely the US however the Western Hemisphere. It is usually one of many saltiest salt lakes on earth.

There are three rivers that feed into this lake, however the water’s journey ends within the lake, as there isn’t any outlet. The lake’s water ranges can range wildly primarily based on local weather patterns and rainfall. On common, the lake is about 15 toes deep, which makes it fairly shallow for a lake.

There are algae that develop within the lake that type the premise of a small ecosystem. There are invertebrates, sand flies, and brine shrimp that decision the lake dwelling full time.

8. Don Juan Pond

1653160848 201 9 Saltwater Lakes From Across the World One is in - August 20, 2022
Don Juan Pond is the saltiest physique of water on the earth.

NASA/Goddard Area Flight Middle Scientific Visualization Studio, Landsat 7 Venture Science Workplace; MODIS Speedy Response Group, NASA Goddard Area Flight Middle ( / This file is within the public area in the US as a result of it was solely created by NASA. NASA copyright coverage states that “NASA materials isn’t protected by copyright except famous”. (See Template:PD-USGov, NASA copyright coverage web page or JPL Picture Use Coverage.)

Even Antarctica has a salt lake, and it’s so salty it hardly freezes, even when it’s 50 beneath exterior. Due to the cruel situations at this lake’s location, solely issues like fungi and yeast can develop.

Don Juan Pond is tremendous salty at about 40% salinity, and its virtually out of this world panorama offers scientists with the chance to review terrains like these discovered on Mars. It’s the saltiest physique of water on the earth.

9. The Useless Sea

Dead Sea
The Useless Sea is dwelling to specialised fungi.

Current between Jordan and Israel, the Useless Sea can be a landlocked lake. It received its identify as a result of it was believed it was too salty for any life to exist there, nevertheless it was found that there are, actually, fungi that may face up to excessive situations.

The Useless Sea can be the bottom elevation you’ll discover on land, which contributes to why it may be so salty. It boasts a 34% salinity stage, which is likely one of the highest on the earth.

How is a Salt Lake Fashioned?

There are lots of freshwater lakes on the planet, however saltwater lakes are the most important and oldest. What differentiates a saltwater lake from a freshwater lake is whether or not there may be drainage of that lake’s water out into the ocean. If there isn’t, and if the lake evaporates quicker than rain goes into it, it turns into salty.

When rain falls on land and gathers in lakes, it dissolves the salt within the rocks and floor. This water then flows by a river into the ocean with all of the dissolved salt, which is why the ocean is salty. The fixed stream of recent water from the lake to the river and out into the ocean retains freshwater recent.

Saltwater lakes don’t have any rivers connecting them to the oceans. Their water collects and concentrates over time, and the salt the transferring water is dissolving has nowhere to go. That’s how salt lakes accumulate salt.

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