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Alcohol-free Spritz: the recipe and doses of the fresh alcohol-free cocktail

Alcohol-free Spritz: the recipe and doses of the fresh alcohol-free cocktail


Tools you need

Wide base or tall tumbler glasses

Lo alcohol-free spray is the alcohol-free variant of the classic spritz, the most famous Italian aperitif of all time: in fact, at every aperitif break or self-respecting happy hour, this drink cannot be missing and, accompanied by snacks, tasty finger food or delicious preparations, it brightens the afternoons and the palates of Italians.

While the spritz is an alcoholic aperitif made with prosecco, Aperol (or Campari) and seltzer, we offer you the alcohol-free variant, prepared with Orange juice e bitter instead of Aperol and prosecco, perfect for those who prefer to enjoy an aperitif with friends without drinking alcohol.

The homemade preparation is very simple: just mix all the ingredients in individual glasses or in a carafe, decorate with slices of orange and serve with a colored straw as an aperitif.

Discover the recipe and dosages of the alcohol-free spritzer and its pomegranate variant, and also try the other mocktails such as the alcohol-free Mojito, the San Francisco cocktail and the watermelon cocktail.

How to prepare the spritzer without alcohol

To prepare the non-alcoholic spritzer, start by taking a wide-bottomed glass or, if you prefer, a tall wine glass and fill it 4/5 full with ice cubes. 1: for this operation, you can use a cocktail measure or imagine that your glass is divided into five parts.

Then successively pour two parts of orange juice 2.

Next, one part non-alcoholic bitters and one part tonic water 3. Mix everything with a teaspoon or mixing spoon, turning from bottom to top and garnish with a slice of orange.

The non-alcoholic spritz is ready to be tasted: serve it with a straw as an aperitif 4.

Variation: pomegranate spritz

For an even tastier and fruitier appetizer, you can do this pomegranate vaporizer: just combine the ingredients with pomegranate seeds mixed in a blender and brown sugar, decreasing the amount of orange juice.

History and curiosities

That of the Spritz has a rather old and curious history: this aperitif with a sweet taste and a fairly low alcohol content, in fact finds its roots between the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century in the regions of Lombardy-Veneto, dominated at that time by the Austrian government.

It is a tradition that the armies of the Habsburgs considered Venetian wines to be “too strong” and for this reason they added soda water. Hence the origin of the name, derived from the German verb “jet“, which precisely means “to sprinkle”. Over time, sparkling water was replaced by selz water and, only in the 1920s, was it added to the original recipe.

Today, prosecco is preferred to white wine, to which are added, in the best known variants, Campari Spritz and Aperol Spritz, the latter having become famous throughout Italy thanks to an advertising campaign in 2001.

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