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Banana milkshake: the recipe for the creamy drink, ideal for breakfast

Banana milkshake: the recipe for the creamy drink, ideal for breakfast

Il banana milkshake is a thirst-quenching and energizing drink with a creamy consistency, perfect for summer: prepare it for Breakfast to start the day in the best way, or enjoy it a snack or how snack healthy and low in calories. The protagonist of this preparation is the bananaa nourishing fruit that ensures charge and energy, to which a few other ingredients will be added: lattecubes of ice and very little sugar. If you like, add a pinch of too cinnamonwhich will give the drink a pleasant spicy aroma.

Unlike smoothies, prepared with water or milk and fruit, a perfect milkshake requires the addition of ice: its low temperature makes the drink creamy and enveloping. To achieve it, the ideal is therefore to use a blender, a blender with a glass beaker particularly suitable for crushing ice; but if you don’t have one available you can use a classic blender o one mixer.

If you want to try other delicious drinks to prepare during the summer, don’t miss the strawberry milkshake, just as fresh and tasty, or the chocolate one, perfect for giving yourself a delicious break. Now let’s see what are the steps required to obtain a creamy banana milkshake in a few minutes.

How to make banana milkshake

First peel the bananas 1preferably choosing medium-ripe ones: they are sweeter and tastier.

Cut it into slices 2without worrying that they are all the same: the cut only serves to make it easier to blend them.

Then insert the banana slices into the blender bowl 3 and add the sugar or sweetener of your choice.

Also add cold milk from the fridge and ice cubes 4.

Blend until the mixture is thick and creamy, making sure that there are no whole banana pieces left 5.

Once ready, pour the milkshake into the glasses 6 and serve it immediately after preparation: as the hours go by, the banana will begin to oxidize.

Decorate the banana milkshake as you like, for example by adding a few pieces of banana 6 or a sprinkle of cinnamon on the surface.


If you prefer, you can add bitter cocoa in powder instead of cinnamon, so as to have a delicious banana and chocolate milkshake.
Instead of sugar you can use a teaspoon of mieleor omit the sweeteners altogether, depending on your taste.

You can make banana milkshake too without icereplacing it with 200 gr of ice cream. If you prefer neutral flavors, choose vanilla or mozzarella, instead opt for banana ice cream if you want to enhance the taste of the milkshake. Alternatively, you can also choose strawberry or coconut.

To obtain a thicker consistency, replace the fresh milk with condensed milk: the banana milkshake will be even creamier.

You can add to banana other fruit of your choice, for example some strawberries or a kiwi, or a spoonful of Nutella, in order to make the milkshake richer and tastier.

If you don’t have one available, you can make the banana milkshake without blender: Pick ripe fruits and mash them with a fork, then add a thickening ingredient such as yogurt o dried fruit butter. Now pour the mixture into a jar with some ice, close with a lid and shake for a few seconds: in this way the ice will not be crushed, but will cool the milkshake and make it frothy. If the result seems too thick to you, add cow milk o vegetable until the desired consistency is reached.

Those who prefer a lighter and more dietetic drink can prepare delicious smoothies with coconut milk or another vegetable milk, for a healthy and light snack.

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