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Beer stew: the recipe for soft and juicy beef bites

Beer stew: the recipe for soft and juicy beef bites


Herbs (to taste)

Extra virgin olive oil

Lo beer stew it’s a second course easy and very tasty, prepared with tender bites of beef pan-fried with herbs and blond beer, very aromatic and delicate. If you prefer a more intense flavor, however, you can use a dark beer, which will give the dish a more decisive and bitter aftertaste. For a tender and succulent end result, the meat must first brown in a pan with the herbs and extra virgin olive oil over high heat, then cook with the beer over low heat for about 40 minutes. When cooked, you will get one heavy cream and a very fluffy stew that you can accompany with slices of homemade breadto make the shoe, some croutons of polenta or with a tasty side dish of baked potatoes.

It is precisely the long, gentle cooking in beer that gives the meat a incomparable flavor and a very tender texture. Flavored with rosemary and thyme, the beer stew is a rich dish, ideal for a Sunday lunch with the family, a dinner with friends or a special occasion.

Find out how to prepare it by following the step-by-step procedure and tips.

How to make beer stew

Prepare a sauté with a drizzle of oil, garlic, chopped onion and a few sprigs of thyme and fresh rosemary 1.

When they are wilted, add the meat bites 2.

Brown them over high heat to seal in the juices and lightly color them 3. Season with salt and pepper.

Pour the blond beer 4.

Add it until the meat is completely covered 5.

Continue cooking covered and over low heat for about 1h30 6.

In the end, the meat must be very tender and the cooking stock almost completely reduced. seven.

Flavor the stew with fresh herbs 8.

Dress and serve immediately 9.


For a stronger taste, you can use one Brown beerfor example Guinness, and use your favorite herbs, such as marjoram and sage.

For the preparation of the beer stew, the best parts beef are the real thing, but also the pulp or the round, because they remain very soft when cooked. Do not buy too lean meat and cut the pieces of beef equal sizeso as to have an even cooking.

Use a big jar but not too high, preferably cast iron or ceramic. To speed up the time, you can also cook the beer stew in the pressure cooker.

For a stronger sauce, you can plain flour the stew before browning it in a saucepan. Brown the meat over high heat and continue cooking with the beer over very low heat, to obtain a tender and tasty stew. Wet the stew with beer as you go, so it doesn’t boil.


Beer stew can be stored in the fridge for one day. It can be frozen if you used fresh, not frozen ingredients.

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