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Beetroot and stracchino pasta: the recipe for a creamy and colorful starter

Beetroot and stracchino pasta: the recipe for a creamy and colorful starter


Pre-cooked beetroot

Extra virgin olive oil

The beet and stracchino pasta it’s a first creamy and colorful to prepare an espresso for everything lunch or have dinner with the family. To bring it to the table, a few simple ingredients and a few minutes are enough: the pre-cooked beetroot, drained and cut into cubes, will be seasoned with a sautéed onion and toasted pine nutsIand pureed in an immersion blender with stracchino, pecorino and a few basil leaves.

The sauce thus obtained will then be heated in a pan and will be used to whip the pasta in its short format. We used the fusilliperfect for capturing the sauce in all its creaminess, but if you prefer you can choose paccheri, rigatoni, penne, spaghetti, linguine … Or the whole pasta: for an even more interesting contrast of flavors.

He pecorino and the basil will give an edge to the dish, giving it the right flavor and an unmistakable fragrance. If you don’t like strong flavors you can replace it with grated parmesan or use ricotta, robiola, squacquerone or other cow’s milk Cream cheese to your liking instead of stracchino.

When they are in season, buy fresh beets: simply cook them in a pan filled with water with a pinch of salt for about 45 minutes, or until tender by pricking them with your teeth with a fork.

Find out how to make beetroot and stracchino pasta by following the step-by-step procedure and tips. If you liked this recipe, try the cream of leek and speck pasta.

How to Make Beet and Stracchino Pasta

Drain the beetroot, pat dry with a paper towel and cut into large cubes 1.

Heat a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil in a non-stick pan 2.

Clean the onion, chop it and pour it into the pan 3.

Mix the pine nuts 4.

And let sauté for a few minutes over low heat, until the onion is wilted and the pine nuts are lightly toasted. 5.

Now add the beetroot 6.

Stir with a wooden ladle seven.

Leave the beet cubes with the sautéed onions for 5 minutes 8.

When done, transfer everything to a large bowl 9.

Add the stracchino ten.

Add the grated pecorino 11.

Basil leaf fragrance 12.

Drizzle with oil 13.

Salt and sprinkle with ground pepper 14.

Mix everything with an immersion blender 15.

until you get a thick and creamy puree 16. Meanwhile, boil the pasta in plenty of lightly salted boiling water.

Pour the beet puree into a large pan and heat for a few minutes, stirring often 17.

Drain the al dente pasta and pour it directly into the pan with the sauce 18accompanied by a ladle of cooking water.

Stir carefully 19.

Turn off the heat and add the chopped basil 20.

Finish with a handful of pine nuts 21.

Divide the pasta onto individual plates. 22bring to the table and serve.


Beetroot and stracchino pasta should be eaten very hot at the time. Storage is not recommended.

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