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Bicerin: the recipe of the exquisite Turin drink

Bicerin: the recipe of the exquisite Turin drink


72% dark chocolate

Il tryin Piedmontese dialect “bicchierino”, is a very famous one Turin drink based on coffee, dark chocolate and milk cream. Of very ancient origin, it was born in the eighteenth century as an evolution of another drink, the “bavareisa”. Much appreciated by Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, today it is a specialty to be sought in the best coffee of Turin. In 2001 the bicerin received an important recognition from the Piedmont Region as a “traditional Piedmontese drink” and, even if served in many bars, the original recipe it is kept by the “Caffè Al Bicerin dal 1763”, a very elegant pastry shop near the Sanctuary of the Consolata, also mentioned by Umberto Eco in “The Prague cemetery”.

In our version, a cream based on dark chocolate, milk, sugar and cream is prepared. It is poured into small glasses, covered with the restricted coffee and garnished with a dollop of well whipped fresh cream. Few and simple ingredients, but of excellent quality, for one greedy drink and invigorating, ideal to serve at the end of a meal or for a tasty snack. If you like, you can enrich the bicerin with rum or grappa, and garnish the surface with chocolate chips or a crumbled biscuit.

Find out how to prepare bicerin by following the step by step procedure and advice. If you want to try other typical dishes of the Turin traditiondo not miss our selection.

How to prepare the bicerin

Put the chopped dark chocolate in a saucepan and add the milk 1.

Also add 50 g of fresh cream for desserts 2.

Add the sugar too 3.

Put everything on the stove over very low heat and let it thicken, stirring for 3-4 minutes 4.

Pour the cream obtained into the small glasses up to halfway 5.

Now prepare the coffee and pour it still hot in the glasses 6.

Finally garnish with the remaining 100 g of whipped cream 7.

Serve the bicerin immediately 8.


Bicerin should be prepared and served at the momentstill hot or lukewarm.

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