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Bruschetta caprese: the original and delicious recipe with mozzarella and tomato

Bruschetta caprese: the original and delicious recipe with mozzarella and tomato


Extra virgin olive oil

The caprese bruschetta with tomato it’s a quick appetizer ed stow: a slice of toasted and crunchy bread, enriched with fresh and genuine ingredients such as raw tomatoes and mozzarella, and seasoned with salt, oregano, garlic and extra virgin olive oil.

It is a recipe from humble origins, born from the peasants’ need to conserve bread. According to some, it was invented between Lazio e Tuscanyregions where it is called “rule o “fettunta“. However, the homeland of tomato bruschetta is by definition the Campaniawhere the cultivation of this vegetable has a deep-rooted tradition.

This Mediterranean recipe, therefore, is ideal to be enjoyed as an appetizer, perhaps during an evening with friends around the barbecue, or even as a light second course, enriched with the addition of black olives. The secret to making it the best is to choose only the highest quality ingredients, such as homemade bread or Pachino PGI tomatoes.

It does not have a high calorie content, but there are different variants, some more delicious and rich and others simpler and lighter: al prosciuttoal tuna fish or even in the classic version of the tomato bruschetta.

How to prepare caprese bruschetta

Start preparing the Caprese bruschetta by cutting 6 slices of bread about 2 cm thick. We advise you to choose a homemade bread, fragrant and not too soft. 1.

Let the slices of bread toast on both sides: you can toast them in the oven, by activating the grill mode, in the pan or on the plate 2.

Once golden, take each slice and rub a clove of garlic over each 3.

At this point, put the toasted bread aside and prepare the ingredients that will be used to season the caprese bruschetta. Drain the mozzarella well, in order to eliminate the excess water, and cut it into pieces that are not too large 4. You can also cut it into slices if you prefer.

Wash the cherry tomatoes and cut them into four parts 5.

In a bowl, add the mozzarella and chopped tomatoes. Chop the fresh basil leaves with your fingers and add it to the bruschetta sauce, together with oregano, extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt. 6.

On a rustic tray or serving dish, arrange the slices of toasted bread and cover them with the seasoned cherry tomatoes and mozzarella. Finally, sprinkle the Capri bruschetta with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and serve 7.


The best bread to make bruschetta is that homemade. Some, in particular, recommend that toscanobut in reality you can choose any type of bread, from Apulian to wholemeal.

On the other hand, even the slippers, divided in half, are excellent for the preparation of bruschetta: they take the shape of a boat, giving a scenographic touch to the dish.

An original idea for a dinner with friends or family is to arrange the toasted bread in the center of the table, surrounded by different sauces, ideal for seasoning the bruschetta according to your tastes.

Il olive pâtéfor example, it can become an excellent preparation to spread on bruschetta: just put the pitted black olives in a blender with a drizzle of oil and wait for them to take on a creamy consistency.

The eggplant cream it is just as easy to make: first of all we cook the whole aubergine, wrapped in foil, and then we blend it with the addition of garlic, parsley, chilli and spices to taste.

Equally tasty is the pepper sauce: let the chopped peppers dry for about ten minutes, together with the tomato and garlic, blend the mixture and the sauce is ready.

With the same procedure you can also prepare a delicious mushroom sauce: cut about 300 grams of mushrooms into chunks and let them cook with garlic and parsley in a pan. When cooked, blend and serve.

Bruschetta: the most delicious variations

The caprese bruschetta it is just one of the many versions of the classic bruschetta. In fact, by combining different ingredients, it is possible to obtain many variations of this dish, both simple and elaborate. Let’s see together which are the most delicious.

Tomato and tuna

The bruschetta with tomato and tuna it’s quick and easy: all you have to do is cut the tomato into small pieces, add it to the tuna and place it on toast. To give the dish even more flavor, we can add pitted black olives, oregano or a fresh basil leaf.

Simple with tomato

The tomato bruschetta it is one of the simpler variants. To prepare it, all you have to do is cut the cherry tomatoes, preferably Pachino, into small pieces, and season them with oil, salt, and a clove of garlic. To mix all the flavors, the ideal is to season the cherry tomatoes half an hour before placing them on the bread, which will be well toasted and rubbed with garlic. Finally, the tomato and a basil leaf are added.

Tropea sausage and red onion

To prepare the bruschetta with sausage and red Tropea onion, cut the sausage into small pieces and slice the onion. We pour a drizzle of oil in a non-stick pan, start to fry the onions and add a glass of water. As soon as the onion is cooked, add the pieces of sausage and blend everything with red wine. When the sausage is cooked, we place the sauce on the hot bruschetta and serve.

Salmon and goat cheese

The one with salmon and goat cheese is a delicious and original variant of the classic bruschetta. To prepare it, simply spread the cheese on the still warm bread and add a slice of smoked salmon. To make the dish more spectacular, garnish with a few leaves of rocket or balsamic vinegar.

With Colonnata lard

Is there anything tastier than the Colonnata lard that melts on a hot bruschetta? To prepare the lard bruschetta it is sufficient to lay the lard cut into thin slices on the hot bread, seasoned with a sprinkling of pepper and chopped rosemary. For an extra touch of flavor, we recommend not giving up garlic rubbed on toast.

What is the difference between bruschetta, crostini and crostone?

The bruschetta it is a slice of bread, toasted on the grill, in the oven or in a pan.

The term “crostini“is sometimes used as a synonym for bruschetta, but more frequently indicates cubes of crispy bread, excellent to accompany soups and salads.

I croutonson the other hand, they are thinner slices of bread than bruschetta, and of the most disparate shapes, generally served with melted cheeses and other ingredients.

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