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Cachapa: the recipe for the stringy and tasty corn fritter from Venezuela

Cachapa: the recipe for the stringy and tasty corn fritter from Venezuela

The Snowflake is a typical dish of Venezuelan cuisine made from corn, a preparation gluten free halfway between an omelet and a tortilla traditionally sold as street food with the arepas.

Preparing it at home is very simple: it starts from fresh corn cobs, from which we will obtain the corn kernels which will be combined with milk and white corn flour and mixed until a smooth batter is obtained, similar to that of American pancakes. The cachapas will then be cooked for a few minutes in a lightly greased pan, then stuffed with grated cheesewhich recalls the handmade cheese traditionally used in this preparation.

So here are the steps to make these tasty rustic Venezuelan pancakes in minutes, perfect as second course for a quick lunch or dinner.

How to make cachapa

First, remove the leaves from the cobs and remove the corn kernels using a sharp knife. 1.

Season the corn with salt, then add the milk and cornmeal and mix 2.

Use the hand blender to get a smooth mixture 3.

Grease the pan with a little oil and pour the corn mixture into a round pancake 4. Cook for about 4 to 5 minutes, turning halfway through.

When both sides are golden, add the grated cheese 5 and fold the corn cake in half.

Bake until the cheese melts 6it will take a few minutes.

Serve the cachapas still warm, garnishing them with fresh parsley seven.


Instead of the fee, you can also use the but canned, emptying it well of the storage water before adding it to the other ingredients. The filling cheese can instead be replaced with Mozzarella or another of your choice, and also accompanied by cooked ham. Alternatively, you can stuff the cachapas with beef, onions, peppers and spices, making a filling similar to Argentinian empanadas.

By omitting the salt, you can make a soft cachapa to garnish with hazelnut spread or jam and enjoy for breakfast or afternoon tea.


You can keep the cachapas unstuffed for 1-2 days inside an airtight container, adding the garnish only when eating them.

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