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CDC is no longer warning against travel to Canada

CDC is no longer warning against travel to Canada

CDC is no longer warning against travel to Canada, following an increased risk of a virus affecting only pregnant women due to COVID-19.

This indicates that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention no longer warns U.S. citizens to avoid traveling to Canada as of this release. Their continuous monitoring of COVID-19 risk globally has indicated no significant changes in order to avoid travel struggles with sicknesses or the spread of infectious diseases such as the Zika virus that has caused alarm in recent months.

On Monday, the World Health Organization recommended that people be cautious and avoid contact with specific areas of Canada. The CDC had already said a few weeks ago that people should “consider avoiding travel to Canada.”

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The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention is a federal agency that oversees disease prevention. After the bombing, they decided to drop the warning about vaccination consideration; this comes with some stipulations, though. The CDC still recommends travelers get vaccinated before visiting their destination, too. This is a major change from previous CDC Travelers’ Health Notices.

The CDC posted their warning about vaccination consideration on June 28th, before dropping it on July 7th with the stipulation that travelers should still get vaccinated for their destination country if it’s what they want to do. The CDC used this statement as an explanation of their decision: “The CDC shares the public health officials’ concerns about outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases in areas with pockets of unvaccinated people and has been engaged in discussions with state and local public health officials about how to best protect those travelers.”

“Make sure you are vaccinated and up to date with your COVID-19 vaccines before traveling to Canada,” the CDC said. “If you aren’t up to date, avoid travel to Canada.”

Contrary to what people might have expected, the CDC did not reassign any destinations to its “Level 4” list this week. In fact, they added more destinations to some of the lower tiers of its four-level risk scale.

Today, other countries were added to the “Level 3” list, which includes Australia:

  • Antigua and Barbuda.

  • Argentina.

  • Armenia.

  • Azerbaijan.

  • Belize.

  • Grenada.

  • Iran.

  • Libya.

  • Oman.

  • Panama.

  • Paraguay.

  • Saint Lucia.

  • Suriname.

Some “Level 2” risks include:

  • Botswana.

  • Eswatini.

  • Iraq.

  • South Africa.

  • The Dominican Republic.

More types were added to the “low” COVID risk group, including:

  • Jamaica.

  • Ghana.

  • Malawi.

  • Morocco.

  • Nepal.

  • Pakistan.

COVID-19, or Cholera Outbreak, is an alert for U.S. travelers about the country’s travel advisories and warnings that are published on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

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