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Cherry liqueur: the simple recipe to prepare it at home

Cherry liqueur: the simple recipe to prepare it at home


Illinois cherry liqueur is a delicious and fragrant homemade liqueur, ideal to serve as digestive at the end of a meal or to be used for preparing your desserts, excellent to serve with a cup of ice cream or to be used as a syrup for cakes. Black cherries are a fruit similar to cherries, but smaller and tart; Two varieties of cherries can be used to make this liquor, the cherries of the cherries: the first with a more acid flavor and the second sweeter. To do so, we let the cherries in a jar with sugar for 3 days, before adding the vodka and the lemon juice: the mixture will have to macerate for 3 months. The liquor will eventually be filtered into a bottle, ready to serve. The end result will be a dal liqueur. ruby red colorGo ahead fruity taste and sweet at the right point. Here is how to prepare it.

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cherries in syrup

How to prepare black cherry liqueur

Wash the cherries well, remove the stem and put them in the jar with the sugar 1. Let rest for 3 days.

Next, pour in lemon juice and vodka. 2.

close the jar 3 and leave to macerate for 3 months.

Strain the liquid through the strainer into a container 4 or directly in the glass bottle.

Serve the liquor with the cherries 5 or use it for your preparations.


Before handling cherries, use glovesbecause they stain a lot.

If you like increase or decrease the alcohol content of black cherry liqueur, you can decrease the amount of water or increase it. You can also substitute the vodka forpure alcohol at 90° and add a sign cinnamon or 1-2 stars of star anise.


A variant of the black cherry liqueur is the ratafianliquor based on cherries and red wine which is mainly prepared in abruzzo my Molise. To make it, use 500 grams of pitted cherries and put them in a hermetically sealed glass container with 1 liter of red wine, 500 grams of sugar, 300 milliliters of 90° pure alcohol and a cinnamon stick. Close the jar and let it ferment for a month, stirring the ingredients every 15 days. Filter everything and pour it into bottles.


Black cherry liqueur can be preserved up to 1 year in a cool place or in the fridge: it is even better if it is served cold.

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