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Chestnut risotto: the recipe for an original and delicate starter

Chestnut risotto: the recipe for an original and delicate starter


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He chestnut risotto it’s a first course tasty and delicate, prepared by adding boiled chestnuts to rice during cooking. In our recipe, the Carnaroli variety rice is grilled in a saucepan with butter and onion, then cooked by adding the previously boiled chestnuts and then a ladleful of hot vegetable broth at a time, as it boils. it is absorbed.

Once cooked, but still al dente, the risotto is creamed with plenty of grated parmesan and flavored with a touch of freshly ground pepper. The result is a savory, creamy and flavorful dish enveloping texturewhich will amaze the guests with its originality, also perfect for special occasions or for the festive table.

You can boil the chestnuts in boiling water, adding a bay leaf or two, or, to speed up the process, you can cook them in the microwave or in a pressure cooker. To make the dish richer and more full-bodied, you can add a few dried porcini mushroomspreviously soaked in lukewarm water, strips of speck, grilled in a pan, or a creamy cheese such as robiola.

For an irresistible crunch, sprinkle the dish with a little walnut kernels or slivered almonds.

Discover how to prepare a chestnut risotto the traditional way by following the procedure and advice step by step. If you love chestnuts, don’t miss our selection of sweet and savory recipes featuring this delicious fall fruit.

How to prepare chestnut risotto

Wash the chestnuts and dry them 1.

Cut them with a sharp knife, making a cut on the belly 2.

Put them in a pan of cold water and cook them for about 20 minutes from boiling. Drain and peel them 3.

Melt a knob of butter in a thick-bottomed nonstick skillet. Add the finely chopped onion and cook until the butter has become translucent and the onion has started to caramelize. Pour the rice 4.

Stir continuously with a wooden spoon to toast the beans well. 5.

Wet with wine 6 and let it evaporate.

Add coarsely chopped chestnuts sevencontinuing to mix to soften them.

Cover with a ladle of hot broth 8.

Allow to be absorbed by cooking over low heat while continuing to stir with the wooden spoon. 9.

Continue cooking, gradually adding the broth ten.

Keep stirring the rice until it’s cooked so it doesn’t stick 11.

Season with freshly ground pepper 12. Season with salt.

Manteca with grated parmesan, stirring vigorously 13.

Serve the chestnut risotto, drizzle with raw oil and serve immediately 14.


Finely chop the onion so that it browns quickly and cooks evenly.

The fence rice is a very important step in the preparation of risotto: in fact, it preserves the compactness of the grains during cooking and their characteristic consistency.

Gradually add the vegetables soup hot while cooking, so the grain slowly absorbs the liquids, releasing the starch at the same time and helping to bind everything together.


It is advisable to make the chestnut risotto and eat it hot at the time.

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