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Chicken salad: the recipe for the quick and tasty cold dish

Chicken salad: the recipe for the quick and tasty cold dish


Chicken (breast, spindle and thigh)

L’chicken salad it’s a cold dish of Anglo-Saxon origin which has now become a great classic of our local culinary tradition. It is a world famous recipe based on crispy salad and cooked chicken, left to cool and frayed, flavored with Mayocapers and lemon wedges.

Perfect to bring to the table on the hottest days, when you want something fresh and light without staying too much in the kitchen, it can be comfortably prepared the day before and served for brunch on Sunday, for a buffet aperitif or for a fast lunchbut equally tasty: you just have to season it at the last moment with a home made (or ready-to-use) mayonnaise and that’s it.

You can make the salad with boiled chicken or cooked in a pan (we did it both ways). In the first case you can opt for the cut of meat favorite: spindles, thighs, thighs… Otherwise we suggest you choose the breast: a few minutes on a hot plate and it will be ready. Whatever your preference, buy a top quality one, if possible biological and raised on the ground.

Clever idea to recycle the leftover roast chicken from the previous evening, the salad, with the addition of boiled potatoes or croutons, turns into a complete and well balanced single dish.

Find out how to prepare chicken salad by following the step by step procedure and advice. If you liked this recipe, try your hand at other tasty variations too.

How to make chicken salad

For the boiled chicken: heat abundant boiling vegetable broth in a saucepan, immerse the melted chicken and the thigh, and let it cook for about 1 hour from boiling. Then drain the meat with a slotted spoon 1 on a flat plate, let it cool and remove the skin.

Bone the chicken, shred it with your hands and let it cool completely 2.

For the grilled chicken: Place the chicken breast on a hot non-stick pan and grill well on both sides 3.

Once cooked, remove the chicken from the heat, transfer it to a cutting board, cut it into strips 4 and let it cool.

The boiled and grilled chicken will need to be cut into pieces of roughly the same size 5.

Make the mayonnaise: pour the egg into the glass of a mixer and add the seed oil 6.

Combine the mustard and lemon juice, season with salt and blend everything for a few moments until you get a smooth and fairly thick mayonnaise 7.

Make up the salad: rinse the lettuce under running water, dry it thoroughly and place it in a large, low pan 8.

Place the boiled and grilled chicken on top 9.

Season the salad with a few tablespoons of mayonnaise 10.

Stir to flavor the ingredients 11.

Add a few slices of lemon 12.

And the desalted capers 13.

Stir again quickly 14 and transfer the salad to a serving dish.

Bring to the table and serve 15or keep the chicken salad in the fridge until serving time.


Chicken salad can be seasoned in many different ways and enriched with the most varied ingredients according to personal taste.

You can blend the mayonnaise with capers, anchovies, lemon juice, oil, salt and pepper, and prepare a quick and appetizing tuna sauce, or you can replace it with tzatziki or a yogurt dressing flavored with fresh mint leaves, with a ranch sauce or curry, or simply with a vinaigrette, a citronette or a splash of balsamic vinegar.

If you wish you can add 1 boiled egg crumbled, halved datterini tomatoes, thinly sliced ​​spring onion and sliced ​​olives. Or you can combine a handful of toasted almonds and crunchy sautéed vegetables, fresh fruit according to season or julienne carrots, diced avocado and flakes of parmesan.


The chicken salad can be kept in the fridge, in an airtight container, for 1 day massimo.

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