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Chocolate fondue: the recipe for an easy and delicious dessert

Chocolate fondue: the recipe for an easy and delicious dessert


Dark chocolate with 70% cocoa

Liquor (rum or other liquor of your choice)

There Chocolate fondue it’s a dessert easy, but very effective, ideal to surprise your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, given the aphrodisiac properties of cocoa, or to serve to your guests at the end of a special dinner. A preparation ready in a few minutes: reduce the chocolate into shavings, add the hot cream, put the mixture in a bain-marie then let it melt, stirring occasionally, until it becomes creamy and velvety. The fondue is then kept warm and soft thanks to the special stove, an essential tool for an irreproachable success.

To make the chocolate fondue, it is essential to select a dark chocolate of excellent quality and, according to your taste, choose the right percentage of cocoa; we opted for 70% dark chocolate, to accentuate the contrast with the sweetness of the fresh fruit and marshmallows, but if you prefer a milder tasting fondue, you can go down to 60%.

To make it even more captivating, we added two tablespoons of rum, but you can substitute it with your favorite liquor, such as brandy, maraschino, or omit it altogether if the dessert is for children. As for the fruits, we chose strawberriesred fruits and tangerines, but you can also add small pieces of pear, apple, banana slices, etc.

Find out how to prepare it by following the step-by-step procedure and tips. If you love chocolate, don’t miss the tender heart cake.

How to make a chocolate fondue

Chop the dark chocolate into shavings 1.

Transfer the chocolate to a bowl 2.

Pour the hot cream over the dark chocolate 3. Mix with a spoon and let the chocolate melt in a bain-marie.

Melt chocolate, stirring occasionally, until creamy and lump-free 4.

Pour in the liqueur and mix again for a few moments, keeping the bastardelle in a bain-marie 5.

Light the candle placed in the special fondue warmer 6.

Pour the melted dark chocolate into the bowl placed on the fire 7.

Wash the strawberries 8.

Pat the strawberries dry with a paper towel. 9.

Threading fruit with long steel forks ten.

Dip fruit in chocolate 11.

The fruits will be covered with chocolate 12.

Bring the chocolate fondue to the table by serving it with strawberries, berries and tangerine wedges placed in small bowls 13. You can also dip marshmallows in chocolate fondue.


The chocolate fondue can be kept at room temperature, cling film in contact, for a few hours.

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