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Chocolate mimosa cake: the simple recipe for the delicious variant

Chocolate mimosa cake: the simple recipe for the delicious variant

There Chocolate mimosa cake is the even more gourmet version of the classic mimosa cake, an excellent alternative to celebrate the Women’s day. It is a scenographic dessert based on cocoa sponge cake and an irresistible filling of cream to cocoawhich we have chosen to enrich with fresh strawberries: soft and creamy, it will conquer everyone from the first tasting.

The chocolate version is just one of many variants of the diplomatic cream cake with a characteristic straw-yellow color: one of the best known is the version with the addition of strawberries, but there is also the exotic pineapple mimosa cake and mimosa roll made from cookie dough.

The preparation of the chocolate mimosa cake is really simple and, by playing in advance, fast: the sponge cake can in fact be prepared the day before, while the cream is done in a few minutes, but also in this case you can prepare the filling first with cocoa to which the whipped cream will then be added. Once the two elements are ready, you will have to hollow out the inside of the sponge cake, which must be very cold to facilitate cutting, and fill it with cream and strawberries. Just like the classic version, the cake will then be covered with the rest of the cream and decorated with sponge cake crumbs.

Ideal as after-meal dessertchocolate mimosa cake is also perfect for a rich snack or how birthday cake: discover now our easy recipe to prepare it.

After enjoying it, also try the mimosa cupcakes, mimosa cake pops, and mimosa spoon dessert.


For the cocoa sponge cake

For the strawberry sauce

How to prepare chocolate mimosa cake

Here are all the steps needed to prepare the chocolate mimosa cake, from preparing the sponge cake to making the cocoa cream and assembling the cake.

How to prepare a cocoa sponge cake

First heat the oven to 175°C in convection mode. Then begins the preparation of the mimosa chocolate sponge cake from the cocoa sponge cake: in a bowl, whisk the eggs and sugar 1 until you get a clear and frothy mixture. This step is essential: the more the eggs are whipped, the higher and airier the sponge cake will be. Then mix the sifted flour with the cocoa 2 and mix thoroughly. Butter and flour a round hinged mold, with removable bottom, 20 cm in diameter, then pour the mixture and smooth well. Bake the cake and bake for about 35 minutes, then take it out 3 and let cool. To prevent it from crumbling, make sure the sponge cake is very cold before cutting and filling it.

How to prepare cocoa cream

Meanwhile, prepare the cocoa cream by mixing the starch, bitter cocoa and sugar in a saucepan, then slowly pour in the boiling milk. Thicken over the heat, then pour into a bowl and let cool completely 4. Now cut the strawberries into cubes of about 1 cm 5, mix them with the sugar and the rum and let them macerate: this will create an aromatic sauce with which to moisten the sponge cake. Separately, whip the cream and add it to the cream when it is perfectly cold 6.

How to assemble the chocolate mimosa cake

Now focus on assembling the cake: cut the top of the sponge cake and keep it aside. Then dig inside 7 get bread crumbs about 1 cm wide 8. Finally, moisten it with the strawberry maceration juice and fill it with a first layer of cream, the strawberries 9 then more cream.

Gently place the top cap set aside earlier and cover the cake with the remaining cream ten. Then decorate the surface with crumbs 11, to give the classic mimosa effect. The chocolate mimosa cake is ready: let it rest for ten minutes before cutting it into slices and serving it 12.


If you prefer, you can omit the strawberries or substitute them with a few seasonal fruits or a mixture of frozen berries.

As an alternative to chocolate cream, you can top the mimosa cake with mascarpone cream or diplomatic cream.


The chocolate mimosa cake can be preserved 1-2 days in the refrigerator tightly closed in an airtight container.

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