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Churros: the recipe for the typical sweets of Spanish cuisine

Churros: the recipe for the typical sweets of Spanish cuisine

I churros they are cylindrical and elongated sweets typical of the spanish cuisinein particular Madridand Latin America, which are prepared with a Beat made from flour, water, salt, butter and eggs which; once the mixture has been formed, it will be poured into the pocket bag with the star spout, so as to form the classic cylindrical shape: the churros will then be fried until they are golden and dipped in sugar always hot.

Once ready, you can serve the churros with melted chocolate or with dulce de leche: enjoy them as a snack or as a delicious dessert after a meal.

How to make churros

Make your own star-shaped piping bag, but if you don’t have one, cut a star out of a plastic bottle cap and glue the cap to a piping bag.

Pour the water, melted butter, sugar, flour into the saucepan and mix until a compact mixture is obtained.

Remove the mixture from the heat, add the egg and mix. Transfer everything to the piping bag.

Make 10cm churros and fry them in hot oil until golden brown.

Coat the churros with caster sugar.


If you prefer, you can puree the churros in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon: they will be even tastier and fragrant.

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