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Churros with ice cream: the recipe for churros baskets to serve as a dessert

Churros with ice cream: the recipe for churros baskets to serve as a dessert

Il churro with ice cream it’s a dessert greedy and original, ideal for one snack delicious or as exquisite at the end of the meal. It is a recipe inspired by the classic Spanish churros, to which we will give the shape of a basket with the help of a pastry bag and a muffin mold. After the rest in the freezeri baskets of churros they will be friedpassed in a sugar and cinnamon mix and stuffed with ice cream: in our preparation we have chosen the vanilla ice cream enriched with chocolate chips, but you can choose the flavor you prefer and customize it according to your needs. Here’s how to make these edible, soft and irresistible ice cream cups.

Alternatively you can make the churro sandwich: in this case, just form some dough spirals of about 6 cm on the parchment paper. Leave in the freezer for a few hours and pass in the sugar and cinnamon mix, before pairing the churros and stuffing them in the center with the ice cream of your choice.

How to make churros with ice cream

In the saucepan, mix the water, sugar, butter, salt and vanilla extract 1. Boil, add flour 2 and cook over low heat while continuing to mix to obtain a compact dough 3.

Transfer the dough to a bowl, add the egg 4 and mix using the electric whisk 5. Put the mixture in the pastry bag. Grease the bottom of the muffin pan and prepare the bowls of churros 6. Leave in the freezer for 1 hour.

Fry the bowls in hot oil 7 until golden brown 8 and mix the sugar with the ground cinnamon in a bowl 9.

Puree the bowls of churros in the sugar and cinnamon mix10add the ice cream and chocolate chips 11. The churro con gelato is ready to be enjoyed 12.


Once assembled, it is advisable to ctake immediately the frozen churro. Alternatively, you can prepare the churros baskets in advance, store them in an airtight container, and stuff them just before serving.

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