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Coconut and nutella cake: the recipe for a soft and super gourmet cake

Coconut and nutella cake: the recipe for a soft and super gourmet cake


For filling and decoration

flaked dried coconut

There coconut and Nutella cake it’s a dessert cupboard soft and super delicious, a twist on the classic yogurt cake. An easy and quick preparation, which features one of the most successful combinations in pastry: that of coconut with the famous cocoa spread.

Simply mix the eggs with the sugar, vanilla extract, coconut yoghurt, seed oil and flour sifted with the baking powder then incorporate the grated coconut, thus giving the dough a pleasant exotic note. THE coconut yogurton the other hand, will bring an exceptional sweetness, for a soft and melting result.

Once baked, the cake is cut in half, topped with a generous layer of nutella and finally decorated with shredded and shredded coconut; ideal for enjoying end of mealaccompanied by a good espresso, or a snack accompanied by a steaming spiced tea, it is a temptation that no one will be able to resist, including children and adults.

Discover how to make the coconut and nutella cake by following the procedure and advice step by step. Also try the Nutella pies and dumplings.

How to make coconut and nutella cake

Crack the eggs into a bowl and add the vanilla extract and sugar 1then whip with an electric whisk for 6-7 minutes until the mixture is clear and frothy.

Add coconut yogurt 2.

Mix seed oil 3 and always mix well with a whisk.

Pour the flour 00 sifted with baking powder and salt 4.

Follow with grated coconut 5 and mix well with electric beaters.

Pour the batter into a 24 cm diameter cake tin, buttered and floured 6, and bake at 175°C, in a static oven, for about 35 minutes. To check if it’s done, do the toothpick test anyway.

Once baked, remove the cake from the oven and let it cool. Unmold it, divide it in half then fill it with a generous layer of nutella 7.

Close with the other cake disc and spread the sides and top with another layer of Nutella 8.

Decorate the sides with shredded coconut and spread the dried coconut flakes in the center 9.

Transfer the coconut and nutella cake to a serving plate and refrigerate for 1 hour. Bring it to the table and serve it with a good coffee ten.


The coconut and nutella cake can be preserved Three daysin a special airtight container, at room temperature in the cold season (in summer it is better to put it in the refrigerator).

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