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Cod millefeuille with cream: the recipe from the Easy Gourmet section

Cod millefeuille with cream: the recipe from the Easy Gourmet section


Extra virgin olive oil

The cod millefeuille with cream it’s a antipasti simple and effective, prepared for us by Chef Michele Ghedini for the address book Easy Gourmet.

This preparation combines the smoothness of Venetian cream cod with a crunch of where are the guts?assembled to create a spectacular and tasty dish.

To prepare it, in fact, all you have to do is cook the cod in water, mix it with an emulsion of oil and water and place it with the guttiau bread in pieces.

It is ideal for opening formal dinners or lunches, but also as according oh single dish fast: it will leave the guests pleasantly surprised.

How to prepare cod millefeuille with cream

First, clean the cod fillet, remove the skin and cut it into slices and then into cubes 1. Put a pot of water and a pod of water on the fire and cook the cod for 30 minutes 2. Once the indicated time has elapsed, drain it and reserve a little of the cod cooking water. 3.

Meanwhile, add the cod to the bowl of the blender and pour in the extra virgin olive oil and the seed oil 4. Then add the cooking water and create an emulsion. Meanwhile, chop the parsley and complete the cod cream with 5. At this stage, compose the millefeuille. Break the guttiau bread irregularly and form layers by alternating the bread with the creamed cod. The cod millefeuille with cream is ready to be served 6.


The creamed cod millefeuille is ready to serve, in just a few minutes. However, the cod in cream is kept in the refrigerator by 2 days maxin an airtight container.

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