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Cold tile with pistachio: the recipe for a spectacular and inviting dessert

Cold tile with pistachio: the recipe for a spectacular and inviting dessert

The cold tile with pistachio it’s a semifreddo fresh and delicious, an ideal recipe for lovers of pistachio desserts. It is a dessert without cooking easy and quick to prepare, perfect to be enjoyed in the summer like dessert at the end of the meal instead of ice cream but also every time you want to give yourself a sweet break. You can too prepare in advance and store in freezer: just take it out a few minutes before serving.

We prepared the pistachio tile using one loaf panbut you can choose the shape you prefer – round, square, heart – or use small molds to make single portions to serve to your guests.

If you are a lover of green gold, don’t miss the pistachio tiramisu, to be served in single-portion glasses, and the pistachio cheesecake, made with cream and yogurt but also excellent with mascarpone. Among the variants of cold brick we offer you the strawberry tile, simple and delicate, and the chocolate tile, super delicious. Now let’s see what are the steps to prepare the pistachio version.

How to prepare the cold pistachio tile

First, remove the peel and outer skin from the pistachios with a kitchen towel 1 . Perform this step even if you are using pre-peeled pistachios to make sure they are perfectly clean.

Place the pistachios on a cutting board and chop them coarsely with a smooth-bladed knife 2then cover them and set them aside.

Pour the egg whites into a large bowl and add the sugar 3. As this is a non-cooked dessert, it is important to use pasteurized eggs in order to avoid health risks.

Work the egg whites and sugar with an electric whisk for about 5 minutes, until the mixture is frothy 4.

Combine the chopped pistachios with the egg whites and mix gently to mix the ingredients 5.

In a second bowl, pour the cold cream from the fridge and work it with an electric whisk until it is perfectly whipped. 6.

Combine the whipped cream with the mixture of egg whites and pistachios and mix gently from the bottom upwards so as not to disassemble the egg whites or the cream 7.

Pour the cream into a rectangular loaf pan 8 leveling the surface with the back of a spoon. Cover with cling film and leave to rest in the freezer for about 6 hours, in order to compact the tile.

Take the pistachio tile out of the freezer about 10 minutes before consuming it, portion it and decorate it with chopped pistachios 9.


The tile is excellent both with i sweet pistachios than with those toasted and salted, which will give it an even more particular taste. To intensify its flavor, you can accompany it with a few tablespoons of pistachio cream.

You can also adjust the amount of sugar as you like, increasing or decreasing it according to your taste. For example, if you choose to use salted pistachios, you can slightly increase the dose of sugar so that the sweet and salty taste balance.


The cold pistachio brick can be kept in the freezer for about 10 days, so it can be prepared in advance of serving it. Make sure, however, that the container in which you store it is airtight, so as not to alter the quality of the ingredients.

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