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Conchiglioni stuffed with mushrooms: the recipe for rich and delicious baked pasta

Conchiglioni stuffed with mushrooms: the recipe for rich and delicious baked pasta


extra virgin olive oil

I mushroom stuffed shells they are the white variant of the classic recipe with meat sauce. A first rich and flavorful, perfect for a festive occasion or for the lunch Sunday with the family, prepared, in fact, with conchiglioni rigati, a form of short, rough and wide pasta, perfect to accommodate the most varied ingredients inside.

Here we have filled them with a creamy and fragrant filling made from porcini mushroomspan-fried with extra virgin olive oil, leeks, parsley and white wine, ricotta well-drained whey, diced mozzarella and chopped raw ham. Once ready, we wrap them in a soft and velvety béchamel, then we sprinkle them abundantly with grated parmesan and knobs of butter, then we put them in the oven until they are golden: the result will be a dish delicious and melting, excellent to take to the table even on special Easter occasions instead of traditional lasagna or cannelloni.

For the recipe to be perfect, it is essential to boil the conchiglioni for no more than 4 minutes then drain them carefully on a cloth before garnishing them: this way the pasta will remain perfectly al dente and will not collapse when cooking.

We used porcini mushrooms frozen food, to be poured directly into the pan with the sauce. In season, we suggest replacing them with fresh ones, which are even more fragrant, while in the other months of the year you can also opt for rehydrated dry ones: to keep comfortably in the pantry, ready to eat. ‘job.

If you like, you can enrich filling with small pieces of scamorza, replace the raw with finely chopped mortadella, cooked or speck, add crumbled sausage or, again, add some sautéed zucchini or other vegetables of your choice.

Learn how to make Mushroom-Stuffed Conchiglioni with a step-by-step procedure and tips. If you liked this recipe, also try the pasta au gratin.

How to Make Mushroom Stuffed Shells

Clean the leeks and cut them into thin slices 1.

Heat a drizzle of oil in a pan, add the sliced ​​leeks 2 and let them wilt over low heat for about 8 minutes.

Season with salt 3.

Add the ceps 4.

Flavor with a little chopped parsley 5 and mix with a wooden spoon.

Moisten with white wine 6 and continue cooking for 10-15 minutes, then remove from heat.

Cook the pasta for 4 minutes in lightly salted boiling water 7.

Once the cooking time has elapsed, drain the conchiglioni and let them dry for a few minutes, upside down, on a clean tea towel. 8.

Drain the mozzarella from the whey and cut it into cubes 9.

Collect the ricotta in a bowl ten, well drained, and mash it with the tines of a fork; then transfer it to a large bowl.

Add half of the grated parmesan 11.

Add the ceps 12.

Continue with the diced mozzarella 13.

Season with salt and pepper 14.

Chop the raw ham with a knife 15pour it into the bowl with the mushrooms and mix thoroughly.

Transfer the filling mixture to a piping bag 16.

Heat the béchamel for a few moments to make it more fluid 17.

Coat the bottom of a baking dish with a little béchamel 18.

Using the piping bag, stuff the shells with the mushroom filling 19 and arrange them, side by side, in the baking dish, stuffing side up.

Continue like this until all the ingredients are used up. 20.

Cover with more bechamel 21.

Sprinkle with the rest of the grated parmesan 22.

Fill with butter flakes 23 and put in a static oven at 200°C for about 40 minutes.

Once the cooking time has elapsed, take the conchiglioni out of the oven. 24 and divide them into the individual dishes.

Bring mushroom-stuffed conchiglioni to the table 25 and serve.


If you want to continue the work, you can prepare the conchiglioni the night before: just keep them in the refrigerator until the guests arrive, then cook them for the time indicated in the recipe.

If you like, for a more fragrant result, you can dilute 1/2 saffron saffron in the homemade béchamel sauce, or you can try several variations on the theme and stuff the pasta with leeks and salmon, or with a ricotta and spinach filling, also suitable for vegetarian diners.


Conchiglioni stuffed with mushrooms can be stored in the refrigerator, in an airtight container, for A day massive.

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