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Courgette cordon bleu: the recipe for a quick and appetizing second course

Courgette cordon bleu: the recipe for a quick and appetizing second course

I courgette cordon bleu they are an interesting reinterpretation of traditional cordon bleu. Two slices of zucchini cut lengthwise they enclose a heart of cheese e prosciutto; they are then breading and finally fried in boiling oil. And delicious second coursein part already seen with the aubergine cordon bleu, but with a more delicate taste and therefore also loved by children.

The version we propose is fried, to take everyone by the throat, but nothing prevents you from cooking these sandwiches baked, with a drizzle of oil, for a healthier and lighter result. Round courgette is often used, but we have chosen the long courgette that everyone has at home to propose one dinner-saving recipe with ingredients always available. The preparation is very simple, fast and suitable even for the less experienced in the kitchen: experiment with potatoes and polenta too.

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How to prepare zucchini cordon bleu

Cut a medium-sized long courgette in half 1remove the first slice 2 and cut each half into slices about half a centimeter thick 3.

Place the slices (which must be an even number) on a cutting board 4; put a slice of cooked ham 5 and one of cheese 6 on each slice.

Cover with a second slice of courgette 7. Salt the cordon bleu on both sides 8. In a bowl, break two eggs 9.

Beat the eggs with a fork 10; in two other bowls pour the flour and breadcrumbs needed to bread the cordon bleu. Pass the cordon bleu first in the flour 11then in the egg 12.

Finally, bread it with breadcrumbs 13 and cook in boiling oil, turning several times during cooking to ensure even browning 14. Sprinkle with the parsley and serve the courgette cordon bleu piping hot 15.


The courgette cordon bleu are preserved in the fridge for 3 days, closed in an airtight container. Reheat in the oven or microwave before consuming them again.

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