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Crema Paradiso with coffee: the quick and easy no-bake dessert recipe

Crema Paradiso with coffee: the quick and easy no-bake dessert recipe

The coffee cream paradise it is a quick preparation and without cookinga variant of the classic heaven cream, made with 4 ingredients: liquid fresh cream, condensed milk, espresso e mascarpone. prepare it eat cold dessert with a spoonto serve as dessert at the end of a meal, or use it for fill cakes and sweets in general: in summer you can also pour a teaspoon into hot coffee, so as to obtain a really pleasant hot-cold contrast. A delicious recipe to be made in a very short time and with few ingredients. Here are the steps to prepare it soft and irresistible.

How to prepare coffee cream paradise

Whip the fresh cream firmly 1.

In another bowl put the mascarpone with the condensed milk and the coffee 2 and mix.

Also add the whipped cream and mix all the ingredients well 3.

Transfer the bowl to the fridge for 1 hour and pour the cream into the glasses 4.

The Crema Paradiso coffee is ready to be served with a few coffee beans or decorated as you like 5.


You can replace the espresso with the decaffeinated coffee or with 3 teaspoons of soluble coffee, to be added directly to the cream, before whipping it. If you want to serve coffee crema paradiso to children, you can also use the soluble barley coffee.

If you want to prepare the Crema Paradiso coffee as a dessert, you can enrich it with chocolate chips, chopped hazelnuts o chopped pistachios.


You can keep the coffee cream heaven in the refrigerator for 2 days covered with cling film or inside an airtight container.

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