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Dalgona Coffee: the recipe for a simple and creamy inverted cappuccino

Dalgona Coffee: the recipe for a simple and creamy inverted cappuccino



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Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Illinois dalgona coffee it’s a drink fresh and creamy based on instant coffee, water, milk and sugar, created in South Korea during the pandemic. It’s kind of “upside down cappuccino”, which became popular thanks to the media tam-tam on social networks, which owes its name to the sweet dalgona: the famous South Korean lollipop cookie, whose color it recalls.

Also know as magic coffee, frothy coffee or whipped coffee, it is prepared in a matter of minutes with just 3 ingredients. All you need to do is collect instant coffee and sugar in equal amounts in a bowl, then add 2 tablespoons of hot water and beat everything with an electric mixer until a puffy, foamy cream. At this point, you only have to fill a glass with cold or hot milk up to 3/4 parts, according to your personal tastes, pour the coffee cream obtained over the top and that’s it. The result will be a voluptuous embrace, to be enjoyed in breakfast with aromatic cookies or take a sip sandwich for an energizing break.

Those who are lactose intolerant can substitute the latte vaccine with a delactosate, while those on a diet vegan they can opt for one of almonds, rice, oats or another vegetable equivalent. If you prefer, you can dust the dalgona coffee with unsweetened cocoa powder, or you can finish it with chocolate-covered coffee beans, like we did.

Discover how to prepare dalgona coffee by following the step-by-step procedure and tips. If you liked this recipe, also try bicerin or whipped coffee.

How to make dalgona coffee

Place the instant coffee in a large bowl. 1.

Combine the sugar 2.

pour the hot water 3.

Work with electric beaters. 4.

In the end you will have to obtain a thick and foamy coffee cream 5.

Fill a glass 3/4 full with milk 6hot or cold according to personal tastes.

Finish with the coffee cream. 7.

Garnish as desired with a few chocolate coated coffee beans. 8bring to the table and serve.


Instant coffee, while it will probably make purists of the genre sneer, will allow you to get a smooth-textured creamer in just a minute. If you prefer, you can still do it at home with a good Espresso or with the first drops of coffee coming out of the mocha or, for a version suitable for the little ones, you can opt for soluble barley.

If you wish, you can dust the drink with bitter cocoa powder or, for a colorful variant, you can try your hand at dalgona matcha: Prepared with precious Japanese green tea.

For an even thicker and more delicious coffee cream, you can replace the water indicated in the recipe with a little whipped cream while, during the summer season, you can serve the dalgona coffee with some ice cubes.

If you like, you can use granulated or cane sugar, or those who take care of their figure can sweeten everything with erythritol or natural stevia.


Dalgona coffee should be consumed as soon as it is made, at the moment. Storage is not recommended.

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