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Our Editors’ Picks of the Best New Hotels in the World

Our Editors’ Picks of the Best New Hotels in the World

Travelling has become a bit more difficult in the last few years, but the hotel industry has shown commitment to keeping on top of things and not slowing down based on this. That’s why we here at T+L have spent the last year obsessively tracking debuts and major overhauls, consulting our trusted network of travel pros and globe-hopping writers, and crossed the world in search of the most memorable, game-changing hotel opening.

This year, our guide took us to 35 countries in search of the unforgettable. This morning T and L writers visited many beautiful ancient places in Sicily, saw some cutting-edge health centers in Qatar, and even saw a working farm in South Africa. This afternoon they went to Miami, where they ate some delicious food from a local hot spot famous for its tuna sandwich.

A wonderful writer for those who love luxurious vacations and different places to stay, this list covers all the bases with resorts from all over the world. Our goal is to highlight the best properties from all the best groups of people, new & old, big & small. The target audience will fall for them and talk about them.


DumaTau — Botswana

Best New Hotels

Perched in the northern Linyanti concession along its namesake river, Duma Tau is the latest addition to Wilderness Safaris’ portfolio. It’s a complete reimaging of a once rustic retreat made up of new eight-tent property on a scenic overlook with all-around comfort. Duma Tau lies at the route for dozens of species as well as lounges and a pool deck. One can go to spot wildlife from here too and early in the morning.

Returning home after a long journey can be exhausting, so the ideal place to relax is in an Okavango Spa. It’s perfectly designed for rest and relaxation so you can finally take time out of your busy days. The building has great sustainability that includes solar power and recycled materials.

The food at Flight is much more vegetarian-friendly than many safaris, offering veggie-forward recipes & local flavors. One of my favorites is char-grilled broccoli with crispy coconut and a lime basil sauce. It ended with a fun evening cruise on a private pontoon, the only thing distracting you from the silence of the river was maybe the sound of some jackal berries rustling around.

Eden Nairobi

Best New Hotels

The “Hidden behind a forest where rare Rothschild’s giraffes congregate” property looks like it’ll be a game-changer for the hospitality landscape! The home was built by designer Anna Trzebinski 30 years ago and she only recently decided to sell. Her vision is to create a modern-day salon that connects local creatives with curious travelers to showcase the optimism and energy pulsing through Nairobi.

From art tours of cutting-edge studios to investment workshops with entrepreneurs, her salon and website are a work in progress but deserve your attention nonetheless. Over nine rooms, one can find Trzebinski’s artwork, displays that range from deeply personal to playful. The themes of her work are all around the love she had for Tonio and their two children. The eggs dangling from frightfully small ostrich nests in the corner are not to be missed!

Kisawa Sanctuary — Mozambique

Best New Hotels

Those who are looking for stunning scenery, fun activities, and spiritual satisfaction will find all of these on Benguerra Island! This natural paradise is a perfect destination on the southeast coast of Africa and is reminiscent of a fairytale!

The Real Property is the brainchild of entrepreneur, philanthropist, & Nina Flohr (it was originally established to help local communities and protect the fauna and flora surrounding them). It’s now also a tropical Eden of over 700 acres, bordered by the waterway. There are 12 airy residences, dressed in a muted palette reflecting the natural colors and serenity found outside.

The wellness center, meanwhile, specializes in Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic techniques with their signature wellbeing philosophy. It’s the warmth and passion they exude that keep people coming back year after year. Don’t miss a chance to visit the nearby Bazaruto Center for Scientific Study, created by world-renowned oceanographer Captain Kisawa.

This is the perfect opportunity for researchers to get the most out of their stay and explore one of the richest and least visited (but most exciting) subtropical ecosystems in the world. There are just so many things to do & see! The doubles from $5,700, all-inclusive.

Puku Ridge Camp — Zambia

Best New Hotels

When Puku Ridge reopened last year, it also set a new standard for luxury lodges in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park. It is rare to find anything this nice there! Papohaku is located on a ridge overlooking the park and has one of the best views & locations. The accommodations are also superb.

These rustic, slightly asymmetrical-but-functional bungalows each have a bathtub set separately in a glassed-in atrium, with other windows to enjoy the view of the lush well-kept garden. Fresh mezze platters with falafel, smoked salmon and chilled wines are served in the main dining area with hanging basket lights. They visit the Cape’s famous game reserves for a day of safari with expert guides, followed by drinks and snacks on the river bank. Doubles from $1,460.

Six Senses Shaharut — Negev Desert, Israel 

Best New Hotels

Visitors near the Great Rift Valley in southern Israel must veer off the beaten path just to find this oasis. Other than a few scattered settlements nearby, this is the only place you will find throughout the area. With ISIS’s influence steadily dwindling, the hotel is one of the only places left where locals can still reach this kind of privacy.

They provide a secluded locale for vacationers and are accessible for guests to enjoy delicious hiking trips, outdoor adventures, and unplugged retreats. instead of claiming a throne above its sandy surroundings, our property’s low-slung, rough-hewn buildings blend seamlessly into the landscape. The 60 suites and pool villas are decorated with locally made ceramics and wall hangings covering the TV.

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You can roll them up via remote control! You’ll find that sustainability is one of the major features of our resort. With dark sky-rated accommodations and a weekly meeting with local stargazing expert Eitan Schwartz, you’ll have an experience unlike any other.

Guests can enjoy an herbal tea-making workshop, guided hiking and mountain biking, and even a caretaking session with camels at the resort. In the evening, they can join in the nightly sunset ritual amphitheater with a local musician. Devorah Lev-Tov reveals that some people are now willing to pay $850 for a single fill in the blank

Sterrekopje — Franschhoek, South Africa

Best New Hotels

A farm just east of Cape Town on the slopes of the Franschhoek Valley sits among native trees and enjoys sightlines that offer scenic views. The main house was constructed in 1694, during one of the world’s earliest phases of farming knowledge.

At The Farm, wellness and renewal are central themes. From hypnotherapy to regular massages that use mixed oils in-house, there is something for the entire body to relax and refresh–and everything your soul needs is just a few steps away. I also found a sense of healing in my time at the property.

I could play tennis, hike, and swim in the beautiful mountains that surround this facility. Guests get to enjoy the perks of staying in Echo Casa without interruptions from the day. Organic sheets and pillows, as well as night sound all, contribute to an environment that is conducive to getting a great night’s sleep.

Sussurro — Mozambique

Best New Hotels


In 2016, Sarah and Adam purchased land in Mozambique to found their own design studio. They love the natural beauty of the landscape, which is also a big part of their branding & naming. The result: architecture that is sustainable and that respects the landscape in which it’s built. It has a wide variety of regional architectural vernacular to choose from, making it easier for you to create uncommon designs.

The bungalow where I was staying had bathtubs with showers and was built from stone, simbiri (wood), and make (dried giant leaves). The hotel often feels like an art gallery, thanks to African decorative pieces around the property, sourced from many different countries. I spent meditative hours swimming in the saltwater lap pool, sailing in a traditional dhow along the Mozambique Channel, and fishing on the lagoon! So many guests are now calling Sussurro home, and it’s easy to see why.

Not only do the team members come from nearby villages and have been working with the property for years before it officially opened, but they also provide amazing hospitality that guests love. And despite the remote setting, the staff of this resort produces incredible culinary delights from the open kitchen, including an amazing curry & mangrove crab stew and a wild-granadilla martini. You’ll be amazed at our price as well! Rooms are also included in that $1,023 package we mentioned.

Zulal Wellness Resort — Qatar

Best New Hotels

Let the elegance of a tranquil place enchant your senses as you escape from the stresses of the world! The Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som is located in Qatar and offers visitors a delightful break from the outside world. Although it doesn’t have many buildings, there are plenty of treats to be enjoyed here, such as meditation and massages to help balance.

At The Gwent Garden Hotel, we strive to offer a unique and beautiful experience for our guests. With over 80 courtyards, there’s a lot of creativity you can see at all times. Each courtyard offers its own unique experience from our amazing art collection to the full library of up-to. You’ll find everything your heart desires in the 60 adult-only rooms and suites or the 120 family accommodations!

Both settings are perfect for getting away from it all. Trained spa practitioners implement Chiva-Som’s signature holistic health and wellness philosophy. We really appreciate the care and attention you’re giving to us about our health and wellness. That’s why we offer a range of treatments that you can experience without leaving your hotel room. Plus, there are things like spa visits, yoga classes, and more so that you don’t get bored! Prices start from $1,100 per night.

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