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Eggs deviled with spinach and guacamole: the recipe for an easy and tasty appetizer

Eggs deviled with spinach and guacamole: the recipe for an easy and tasty appetizer

The eggs stuffed with spinach and guacamole I am a antipasti simple and tasty, ideal to serve as an appetizer for a aperitif or a buffet. To make these vegetarian deviled eggs, it takes a few minutes and very few ingredients: all you have to do is prepare the hard-boiled eggs, which will then be peeled, cut in half and stripped of the yolk. The latter will be combined with spinach and guacamole, the Mexican sauce made with avocado, and will form the filling with which the eggs will be stuffed.

The result is a tasty and original recipe, perfect also to prepare in advance: in this case, remember to fill the eggs just before serving. Pair the deviled eggs with a side dish of your choice – ideal with steamed or sautéed vegetables, for example – and serve them on a bed of salad or other leafy vegetables to make the dish even more inviting.


Extra virgin olive oil

How to make deviled eggs with spinach and guacamole

First, put the eggs in a saucepan with cold water and turn on the heat. Once the water is boiled, cook the eggs for about 8-10 minutes 1.

Drain them and run them under cold water. 2to cool them immediately.

Once the eggs have cooled, carefully peel them and keep them aside while you prepare the filling 3.

Wash the spinach under running water 4 and eliminates the toughest ribs or damaged leaves.

Cook them in a frying pan with a drizzle of oil until tender. 5.

Now prepare the guacamole sauce and put it in a small bowl 6.

Cut the eggs in half and scoop out the yolks with a spoon seven.

As soon as the spinach has cooled, put it in the blender, add the gucamole and egg yolks and blend until creamy. 8.

Fill the hard-boiled eggs with the filling using a piping bag 9. If you don’t have one, you can use a food bag with a perforated corner or a small spoon.

Eggs deviled with spinach and guacamole are ready to be served ten.


Instead of fresh spinach, you can use frozen spinach: cook it directly in a pan with a drizzle of oil and a little water, until tender.

Instead of guacamole, you can stuff the eggs with classic or avocado mayonnaise.

You can enrich the filling with tuna, an ingredient whose flavor goes well with spinach and avocado.


Stuffed eggs with spinach and guacamole can be stored One day covered with cling film or placed in an airtight container. The guacamole sauce, on the other hand, must be consumed within 2 days.

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