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Eggs stuffed with tuna: the recipe for a tasty and easy to prepare appetizer

Eggs stuffed with tuna: the recipe for a tasty and easy to prepare appetizer


drained tuna in oil

The eggs stuffed with tuna I’m a antipasto timeless and greedy that boasts many variations: it is a simple and quick recipe, which is usually served during Easter, but which can be proposed at any time of the year.

For a perfect realization of the dish, the eggs must be cooked to perfection, so as to be soft: to obtain perfect hard-boiled eggs, always start from cold water and immerse the eggs. Then, once it has boiled, allow 9-10 minutes to guarantee firm and dry yolks.

The filling must also be creamy and velvety, so as to give the dish a unique texture. Our version, made with an immersion mixer, combines the egg yolks, tuna, some anchovies to intensify the flavor, a handful of capers for a strong note and a spoonful of mayonnaise as a final creaming, in order to obtain a smooth consistency and voluptuous. If you prefer a lighter filling, you can add some instead of mayonnaise ricotta o one fresh cheese to taste.

There are several variations, as we said, of this recipe: for example the one in which the eggs are stuffed with salmon, with asparagus cream, or those stuffed with spinach and guacamole. For those who love spicy flavors, however, the ideal recipe is deviled eggs with bacon.

How to prepare tuna stuffed eggs

Collect cold water in a saucepan and dip the eggs 1, making sure they are perfectly covered by the liquid. Bring to a boil and then allow 9-10 minutes.

Immediately place the saucepan under running cold water to facilitate the detachment of the shell, then peel the eggs one by one 2.

With a sharp knife and a firm motion, cut the eggs in half lengthwise 3.

Taking care not to break the egg white, collect all the egg yolks in a bowl 4.

Then transfer the egg yolks to the jug of a food processor, followed by the well-drained tuna and anchovies 5.

Also add the capers 6 and then blend until you get a thick paste.

Then add the mayonnaise and mix with a spoon 7 amalgamating completely.

Transfer the mixture to a pastry bag with a star nozzle and stuff the egg whites 8.

Complete the eggs with some capers and a few sprigs of thyme 9. Servi.


Once ready, the eggs stuffed with tuna cream should be kept in the refrigerator and only taken out when they are served.

As for the filling, it can be prepared in advance and stored in the fridge for 12 hours, inside an airtight container. For eggs, on the other hand, we suggest not cooking them too early, to prevent them from oxidizing.

If they are left over, the stuffed eggs can still be kept in the fridge for 24 hours, covered with plastic wrap.

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