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Emotional Wellness Topics at CIVANA

Emotional Wellness Topics at CIVANA

As summer months near and travel continues to ramp back up, you should start planning your next trip out of town. This is a perfect time for travelers to browse destinations and coordinate plans, which can get difficult during the busy holiday seasons. SSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHOOOTTTTT. As wellness is a major travel theme, it’s the perfect time to focus on your mental & emotional well-being. This is one ideal option for travelers looking for a retreat!

Carefree, Arizona is a center of the wellness industry with many picturesque locations available to vacationers. CIVANA is one such location that has modern amenities. At CIVANA, we guide guests around their wellness journey. We are committed to “happiness first, healthiness always,” and offer a wide variety of curated experiences that enable guests to experience vulnerability in a safe space.

The Blissfully Connected™ program is designed for couples, friends, and loved ones who want to reconnect and release their personal limitations.

Emotional Wellness Topics

Here’s a list of all the benefits of our services:

  • This workshop will cover various topics such as emotion management, verbal communication, storytelling, and rule negotiations to create a stronger bond in your relationship.

  • Conscious Breathwork offers a variety of different experiences – including access to the non-ordinary realms for healing and spiritual growth.

  • Mindfulness meditation is a different approach to exploring what it means to be human, helping connect people and the world.

  • Journaling is a personal transformation practice that focuses on building an intention to change. It has been shown that journaling produces benefits for the mind and body, including better mental focus, improved mood & lower stress, and a more regular sleep pattern.

Casa Polanco is opening in Mexico City’s Polanco neighborhood in 2022

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