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First dishes for Father’s Day: 20 tasty and simple recipes to try

First dishes for Father’s Day: 20 tasty and simple recipes to try

In all parts of the world, even if on different days, there is a birthday that everyone agrees on: the Fathers Day, the time of year when the role and importance of fathers are celebrated, inside and outside the family. In Italy and other Catholic countries, Father’s Day is the day on which, according to the traditionSaint Joseph would have died, or the March 19. It is a special moment, to be spent with the family, perhaps with a lunch or dinner full of simple and delicious dishes: appetizers, starters and dishes that anticipate the inevitable zeppola.

Father’s Day also deserves a menu highly respectable and To cook is there to give you the right advice to impress your guests: after having presented the best aperitifs, here we are at first courses. Based on meat, fish or vegetables, prepare in advance and cooked at the last moment or ready in a few minutes, we have many proposals to offer you.

If daddy loves me elegant and refined dishes, for a special dinner, we can make oven-baked tagliatelle nests or a creamy chicory and taleggio risotto, recipes that will leave even the most traditional palates speechless; for them we have ricotta and spinach conchiglioni or mushroom pancakes, straight from the classification of timeless classics.

Fish starters, many and all delicious: absolutely try the linguine with prawns, to be served with a good chilled white wine, or shrimp ravioli, for those who like to make pasta by hand. There Fathers Day it smells like home, just like lasagna, layers and layers of pure taste to share with the people we love the most, and if Dad is a vegetarian, we have the perfect vegetarian version for him (and you) too. What are you waiting for? Fasten your apron, for March 19 you have no excuses: for a special menusyou just have to prepare an exceptional starter.

1. Octopus Genovese: the recipe for the seafood variant of the famous dish from Campania

Octopus sponge cake

There genoese octopus it is the tasty and unusual seafood variant of the homonymous dish of Campanian origin, one of the cornerstones of the regional gastronomic tradition. In our version the classic beef is replaced by the octopus which, once cleaned and cut into pieces, is cooked in a frying pan with the addition of onions, an essential ingredient in the original recipe. These, thanks to a slow and prolonged cooking, will melt to the point of turning into a single creamy mash and enveloping, while the octopus will become very tender Is it tasty.

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2. Carbonara in the oven: the recipe revisited by chef Bruno Barbieri

carbonara in the oven

There carbonara in the oven it’s a first rich and tasty, which is inspired by the recipe signed by the starred chef Bruno Barbier. The basic ingredients are the same as the symbolic dish of Roman cuisine, to which lo stracchino which will give the dish a creamy and super enveloping consistency, essential for its excellent result. There final gratin in the oven it will make everything even more crunchy and irresistible. Find out how to make it perfectly by following our simple step-by-step instructions and serve it at a sunday lunch in the family or cena important to the guests: success will be more than guaranteed.

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4. Nettle gnocchi: the recipe for a gourmet and refined starter

Nettle gnocchi

THE nettle gnocchi I am a first course tasty and original, perfect for spring. A twist on classic potato gnocchi with this one spontaneous grass of ancient origin and with innumerable beneficial properties. Very versatile in the kitchen and characterized by a slightly bitter aftertaste, similar to arugula, nettle is sautéed in a pan and mixed with boiled potatoes e flour 00; once the gnocchi are made, they are boiled in boiling water then sautéed with foaming butter, fresh sage and grated parmesan.

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6. Baked tagliatelle nests: the recipe for a delicious and melt-in-the-mouth starter

Baked tagliatelle nests

I baked noodle nests I am a first rich and delicious, perfect for Sunday lunch and special occasions. Its particularity lies in the cooking method which – like ready-to-use dry pasta lasagna – provides for the egg noodles to be raw seasoned, in a baking dish, then go straight to the oven. It is also a very easy and quick preparation to make: the pasta is seasoned with a very simple tomato sauce without meat, then enriched with béchamel and cheesessuch as emmental, fontina and spicy gorgonzola, for a creamy and super gooey end result.

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8. Shrimp ravioli: the recipe for an elegant and delicate fish starter

Shrimp ravioli

I shrimp ravioli I am a first elegant and refined, ideal to bring to the table during Christmas celebrations, or to enjoy with friends for a special occasion. A variation of the classic fish ravioli with i Argentinian shrimpa fine variety of crustaceans with tender, pink flesh, present both in the stuffing, chopped and mixed with the potatoes puree the chives, egg and grated lemon zest, both in the sauce, stripped of the shell and browned in a pan with a drizzle of oil and a drizzle of white wine.

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9. Risotto with chicory and taleggio: the recipe for a creamy and elegant starter


He chicory and taleggio risotto it is a simple but refined starter, which quickly and elegantly solves both a dinner with friends and a family meal. THE radicchio It is a vegetable from the salad family, with a slightly bitter aftertaste, typical of northern Italy. There are many varieties and for risotto one of the most popular is the long red. The sweetness and smoothness of Taleggio cheese they will do the rest, giving the risotto an irresistible aroma. A classic recipe but easy to make, which will conquer all the guests.

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10. Conchiglioni with ricotta and spinach: the recipe for a gourmet Sunday starter

ricotta and spinach shells

I ricotta and spinach shells I am a first rich and greedy, perfect for Sundays and festive occasions, like the Easter lunch. Conchiglioni, a special type of large pasta, are cooked al dente, drained and then stuffed with a filling made from ricotta, spinach, eggs and cheese. They are covered with tomato sauce and bechamel, then baked with the addition of lots of parmesan: the result is a dish crispy crust and irresistible, which will conquer friends and relatives.

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11. Pasta with artichokes, pine nuts and pecorino: the recipe for a quick and tasty starter


There pasta with artichokes, pine nuts and pecorino it’s a first course simple and gourmet, perfect for a family lunch or a dinner with friends. The artichokes are quickly sautéed in a pan with garlic and oil until cooked but still firm, then tossed with the paccheri cooked al dente. To make it more appetizing, the dish is completed with grated pecorino cheese, toasted pine nuts and thyme leaves fresh, for a very fragrant final touch.

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12. Spaghetti with broccoli cream: the recipe for a creamy and light starter


THE spaghetti with broccoli cream I am a first course simple and gourmet, perfect for a family lunch or a dinner with friends. The broccoli is blanched in water then mixed with garlic and a little cooking water. Add extra virgin olive oil and you get a enveloping cream and tasty to season spaghetti or any other long pasta format you have. For a pleasantly fragrant note, the dish ends with Orange zest grated and toasted pine nuts.

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13. Risotto with artichokes and bacon: the recipe for a creamy and tasty dish

Risotto with artichokes and bacon

Irisotto with artichokes and pancetta it’s a first course rich and particularly tasty, perfect to serve on the occasion of a good family lunch. The last artichokes of the season, tender and very sweet, are mixed with rice of the Carnaroli variety and cooked by adding a cream made with the stems and then a hot vegetable broth. The seal with the crispy bacon and the final creaming, based on butter and parmesan, will make the creamy dish and very enticing. Quick and easy, find out how to make it perfectly by following our recipe step by step.

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17. Salmon ravioli: the recipe for an elegant starter with a delicate taste

Salmon ravioli

I salmon ravioli are a simple and at the same time refined starter: a recipe in which the classic egg puff pastry, wrapped by hand, contains a surprising filling of fish, ricotta and spinach, for a result elegant and delicate. A suitable preparation for a festive table or a dinner between guests: the proposed condiment, based on butter and pink pepper, was designed to enhance the filling without overpowering its flavor. If you are a fan of homemade pasta, that of salmon ravioli is the right recipe for you.

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18. Pancakes with mushrooms: the very simple recipe for an elegant and gourmet dinner

Pancakes with mushrooms

THE Mushroom Pancakes I am a first course really simple to prepare, but makes a beautiful scene and is suitable for an elegant dinner or a Sunday lunch: a easy and tasty recipe, which you can use in a thousand different ways. In the preparation we folded them in half, but you can also roll them on themselves: they will be more comfortable to carry if you want to prepare them for a buffet or a brunch. Follow the recipe step by step and let us know what you think.

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20. Conchiglioni with zucchini and salmon: the recipe for the variant with a refined taste

baked shells with salmon and zucchini

I Baked shells with zucchini and salmon they are a variation of the classic conchiglioni stuffed with meat sauce, a first course simple and at the same time very refined, perfect to serve on the occasion of a family lunch or one Special dinner with guests. This characteristic format of dry pasta lends itself to being stuffed with a delicate and super creamy filling, thanks to the addition of homemade béchamel. The last passage in the oven will allow us to obtain an enveloping and irresistible dish au gratin on the surface. Find out how to make it by following our recipe step by step.

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