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Focaccia with sourdough: the easy recipe to have it soft and tasty

Focaccia with sourdough: the easy recipe to have it soft and tasty

The Focaccia With Mother Yeast it’s a soft and long leavening preparation: a simple and tasty bread-making product, ideal to eat instead of bread or stuffed, with cold cuts, cheeses or sweet creams.

Preparing it is easy, but it is important to arm yourself with patience and have it ready the mother yeast. Once the latter has been refreshed, in fact, it will be enough to mix all the ingredients, proceed with a few folds of dough and wait about 8 hours of leavening totals. After the indicated time, the focaccia must be sprinkled with olive oil and baked for half an hour.

Soft, alta e Crisp on the surface, it is the undisputed protagonist of various Italian culinary traditions: just think of the Genoese flat breadenjoyed for breakfast together with cappuccino or Apulian focaccia with potato dough.

How to prepare focaccia with mother yeast

To prepare the pre-dough: put a little sourdough in a container, add 50 ml of water and 50 g of flour. Let it rise until doubled. In a bowl, pour the water 1the pre-dough 2salt and mix 3.

Add the flour and mix with the kitchen spatula 4. Cover with a cloth and let rise for 30 minutes 5. Knead a little more and let it rise for at least 4 hours 6.

Add the olive oil to the dough 7 and continue to knead. Grease a rectangular pan with olive oil 8roll out the dough inside and let it rise for another 4 hours 9.

Drizzle with the oil and dip your fingers into the dough 10. Sprinkle the surface of the focaccia with coarse salt 11. Finally, bake at 200 ° C for 25-30 minutes, cut and serve the focaccia with mother yeast 12.


The Focaccia With Mother Yeast it is preserved a room temperatureclosed in an airtight container, for 2 days, after which it will tend to lose its softness. Once cooked, it can also be frozen: it will keep in the freezer for a few months.

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