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French toast panettone: the recipe for a simple and delicious recycled dessert

French toast panettone: the recipe for a simple and delicious recycled dessert

He French toast panettone is the ideal candy to throw away leftover holiday panettone; it is a classic French toast, a typical preparation of American breakfastin which we will replace the bread with panettone. The preparation is very simple: just cut the panettone into slices and pass them through a mixture of beaten eggs con latte, vanilla, Cinnamon e Maple syrup. The slices of panettone will then be cooked in a pan with the butter until golden and serve with Granulated sugar, berries and maple syrup, as in our preparation, or to your taste. Taste it for breakfast or for a Dominican brunch: here’s how to prepare it in a few simple steps.

How to make panettone French toast

Cut the panettone into slices 1 and set them aside.

In a bowl, whisk the eggs with the milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon, maple syrup. Obtain a homogeneous mixture 2.

Dip the slices of panettone in the mixture of milk, eggs and flavorings 3.

Pour the olive oil into the pan and melt the butter 4.

Cook the panettone in the pan until golden brown 5.

Decorate the French toast with icing sugar, berries and maple syrup 6.


The slices of panettone should not be too thick, cut them between 1-2cm thickotherwise the egg and milk mixture will struggle to permeate the whole slice and will absorb too much fat during cooking.

You can also accompany the French toast with panettone with honeyed, jam, chocolate flakes or as you wish.

To make one caramelized surfaceAdd some sugar cane on the surface almost at the end of cooking: the French toast with panettone will be all the more delicious.

You can replace the panettone with the pandora: if it is too soft, lightly grill it in the pan, before dipping it in the mixture of eggs, milk and flavorings, and proceed according to the recipe.

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