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Fried eggs: the recipe and the secrets to make them perfect

Fried eggs: the recipe and the secrets to make them perfect


Extra virgin olive oil

He fried eggs they are an equally tasty variation on the classic bull’s-eye preparation. It’s a second quick and egg-based “dinner saver”: one of the most loved and used ingredients in the kitchen, rich in proteins of high biological value, perfect to be served on the table, even several times a week, dispelling any false myths about raise your cholesterol or any health risk.

Here we offer them fried, an apparently very easy recipe that, to be executed in an artisanal way, requires the respect of a few simple precautions: starting with the choice of the raw material that must be done, if possible, by reading the label printed on the shell. , to be sure to buy very fresh eggs, organic and free-range chickens. Then you will need to get a small non-stick frying pan (for a single egg you will need a 20 cm diameter one) and, last but not least, a good extra virgin olive oil.

At this point, all that remains is to heat a generous splash of oil in the pan, so that it completely covers the bottom, peel the egg in the center and, when donealbums When it has thickened, tilt the pan slightly, pouring the boiling oil over the yolk several times with the help of a spoon, until a shiny white patina forms on the surface. The result will be a simple but very tasty dish to serve, for a nutritious and filling meal, together with fragrant slices of homemade bread, ready to welcome the guests. creamy yolkand your favorite seasonal garnish.

Find out how to prepare fried eggs by following the step-by-step procedure and tips. If you liked this recipe, also try the fried yolk created by the famous star chef Carlo Cracco or try other recipes that feature eggs:

how to make fried eggs

Pour the extra virgin olive oil in the bottom of a non-stick frying pan and put on the heat 1.

When the oil is hot, peel the egg in the center. 2.

Cook over low heat until the egg white has thickened. 3.

At this point, tilt the pan slightly and, with the help of a spoon, pour the hot oil over the yolk several times. 4.

When a white patina has formed on the surface 5Remove from the heat and proceed in this way until all the ingredients are used up.

Arrange the eggs on individual plates. 6.

Season with salt and spices to taste with a little pepper 7.

Bring the fried eggs to the table. 8.

Enjoy them piping hot with a serving of salad. 9 or other garnish of your choice.


The diameter of the pan is important: if you use a larger one, don’t forget to increase the amount of oil, which should always cover the bottom to prevent the egg from sticking.

In either case, to prevent the oil from overheating and burning the egg white, keep the heat low or substitute cooking fat for butter: a clarified butter, deprived of water and casein, with a higher smoke point.


If you like, you can enrich the preparation with crispy bacon or with stretched cottage cheese, to grate over the eggs once removed from the heat, or you can season everything with a pinch of sweet paprika.

If you prefer, you can try the ranchera version, made with spicy tomato sauce and tortillas, or with the in the Aosta Valley: just brown a few slices of bread with a knob of butter, grate them in the oven with fontina cheese and anchovy fillets in oil, and dress them with the fried egg.

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