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Fried green beans: the recipe for a crunchy and tasty side dish

Fried green beans: the recipe for a crunchy and tasty side dish

I fried green beans they are an original way of eating vegetables, a contour different from the usual but also perfect for one snack alternative to french fries or to amaze your guests by serving them as antipasto wrapped in straw paper and accompanied by a homemade mayonnaise or a delicious barbecue sauce.

Once cleaned, the green beans must be passed into one batter of egg, water and flour and then fried in a pan in plenty of oil, so that they become crunchy. Alternatively, you can cook them with or without batter in the fryer ad aria for about 5 minutes at 180 ° C, preferably blanched previously. Green beans are also excellent simply breaded in breadcrumbs and then fried or baked in the oven, for a lighter preparation.

In addition to the classic boiled green beans, there are many recipes with green beans to try, like this one of green beans with pesto, a fresh and full of flavor dish perfect for the summer. Let’s see how to prepare crispy fried green beans in a few minutes.

How to make fried green beans

First, beat the eggs with a pinch of salt and a sprinkle of pepper 1, then add the flour and continue mixing. Pour in the water a little at a time 2 until a smooth and homogeneous batter is obtained 3.

After washing and removing the ends, dip the green beans into the batter 4 then fry them in boiling oil until golden 5. After placing them on absorbent paper to remove excess oil, serve them by serving them as you prefer 6.


Fried green beans should be eaten immediately after cooking to enjoy them hot and crunchy.

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