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Fried pizzelle: the Neapolitan recipe for the montanare of leavened and fried dough

Fried pizzelle: the Neapolitan recipe for the montanare of leavened and fried dough


For the dough

Extra virgin olive oil

For dressing

Extra virgin olive oil

The pizza friesalso called montanare, are fried yeast dough pizzas topped with tomato sauce, grated cheese and fresh basil. The protagonists of street food partenopeo and not only that, the fried pizzelles are fragrant, soft and fragrant: they are made with pizza dough and are perfect for accommodating different types of toppings. The classics are stuffed with tomato sauce, but it is not uncommon to be able to taste them also in other versionswith the Genoese sauce for example, or with charcuterie and cheeses.

Preparing them at home is much easier than you imagine: you just have to prepare the dough and, once risen, roll it out and get many floppy disks about 8-10 cm in diameter. Finally, they are fried in peanut oil, until they are lightly golden, and are ready to welcome a tomato sauce full-bodied and flavorful and a generous sprinkle of Grated parmesan. Hot and fragrant, the fried pizzelles are ideal as an aperitif, for a delicious snack or to prepare for a party buffet or a birthday.

Find out how to prepare them by following the step-by-step procedure and tips. Also try the cultured zeppole pasta and mozzarella en carrozza.

How to make fried pizza

Dissolve the yeast in lukewarm water and add it to the flour 1.

Also add olive oil 2.

Start kneading until you get a smooth, non-sticky mixture. Add salt, rework and make 3 folds 3.

form a palla 4.

Place the dough in a lightly greased bowl, cover with cling film and let rise until doubled in size 5.

Meanwhile, prepare the tomato sauce: brown the garlic in the oil, add the mashed potatoes and cook the sauce for 10-15 minutes. Salt, flavor with basil and set aside 6.

Take the risen dough and turn it out onto a floured work surface. seven.

Roll it out with a rolling pin, giving a thickness of about half a cm 8.

Make circles 8 to 10 cm in diameter with a cookie cutter 9.

Leave to rise for another 30 minutes and, before frying, crush the central part of the pizzelle because this will be the one that will have to accommodate the sauce. ten.

Fry the pizzelles in plenty of hot oil, 2-3 at a time, and drain on paper towels 11.

Season the montanare with a spoonful of tomato sauce in the center 12.

Add the grated cheese and a basil leaf 13.

Enjoy hot fried pizzas 14.


If you prefer, you can also form the pizzelle from small balls of dough to press lightly to give a circular shape. Make sure the oil is hot and reaches 170-180°C for perfect frying.


Fried pizzas should be eaten very hot and at the time. Freezing is not recommended.

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