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Fried potato spirals: the recipe for a simple and delicious side dish

Fried potato spirals: the recipe for a simple and delicious side dish

The fried potato spirals they are perfect like contour to combine with a second course of meat or fish, a delicious and original idea given by the particular shape of the potatoes: it is a sort of puree that comes fried in boiling oil giving the shape of a spiral. In our recipe we made the dough with boiled and mashed potatoes, feta cheese, starch says more, egg, latte, garlic, onion, parsley, salt and pepper. These potatoes can also be served as antipastofor a buffet or to accompanyaperitif, perhaps with ketchup or mayonnaise: a tasty dish especially appreciated by children and that will guarantee you success with your guests. Here’s how to prepare them in no time.

There are so many recipes with potatoes that you can make, savory and sweet preparations for every occasion, all to try.

How to make fried potato spirals

Peel and boil the potatoes. Put them in a bowl and mash them with the feta 1.

Add the minced garlic, grated red onion, pepper, salt, egg, milk, corn starch, spring onions, parsley 2.

Stir until smooth 3.

Transfer the mixture to the pastry bag 4.

Pour the mixture into the pan with the boiling oil forming spirals 5.

Fry both sides until golden brown 6.

The fried potato spirals are ready to serve 7.


It is important that the compound is not too soft, otherwise the spirals will break during cooking: if necessary, add a little more cornstarch. L’oil must not be hotbut hot, and you have to try to always keep the same temperature. Turn them when they are golden brown underneathotherwise you risk breaking them.


You can store fried potato spirals for at most 1 dayeven if the ideal would be to consume them immediately after preparation.

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