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Gin tonic: the history and the recipe with the doses to make it perfect

Gin tonic: the history and the recipe with the doses to make it perfect

He Gin and tonicalso known in England as G&Tit’s a long drink fresh and thirst-quenching Gin e tonic water, to which lemon zest is usually added or, alternatively, spices or herbs such as rosemary. The alcohol content is quite high, approximately 17 degreesmakes it perfect to drink during a aperitif evening or after dinner.

The history of the drink goes back to Eighteenth centurywhen during thecolonial era soldiers of the British division stationed in India began adding the quintessential English distillate, gin, to the so-called Indian Tonic Water – tonic water containing a small percentage of quinine, a natural alkaloid believed to eradicate the risk of contracting malaria . Since then, and especially since the 1990s, when it was revived by Parisian students, gin and tonic has become one of the most famous cocktails in the world, a must-have of the moment.happy hour in England, where, as mentioned, it is commonly called G&T.

Unlike other drinks such as Moscow Mule and Manhattan, whose dosages are very precise, in the case of gin these vary according to the current of thought: we advise you to use 4 parts tonic water to 1 part gin, but you can tweak the ingredient amounts to suit your tastes and when you intend to sip it. The important thing is that the end result is a drink with a strong and decisive taste, to be flavored as you wish.

Get some jiggers, bar spoons and tongs and follow our quick and easy recipe to make the perfect gin and tonic, to be served strictly in a glass or in a high ballnarrow, elongated, thick-bottomed glass cocktail glasses.

If you like the aromatic flavor of this distillate, try other gin drinks like Lemon Gin, Gin Fizz, Martini or Negroni.

How to prepare gin and tonic

To prepare the gin and tonic, start by putting ice in a tall glass, until it is full 1.

Then add the gin using the measuring cup 2.

Pour the tonic until the glass is full 3.

Stir gently so as not to lose its effervescence 4.

Finally, decorate the drink with lemon zest: your gin and tonic is ready to be tasted 5.

Which gin to choose for gin and tonic?

Since the best choice for this drink is a very clear gin, you can vary the quality used from time to time, choosing distillates that differ in taste and structure. Hendrick’s, for example, is a fresh and delicate gin, characterized by floral and herbal notes, but if you are looking for a more intense and spicy taste, you can try The Botanist, to be combined with a not too strong tonic water. Then there is the Panarea Island with its citrus flavour, the Roby Marton with a licorice aftertaste or the Opihr which takes you straight to the spices of the Orient.

On closer inspection, it is therefore not possible to establish which is the best gin to make a gin and tonic: everything lies in a skilful balance between the alcoholic part and the tonic water, always taking into account its preferences.

What to combine gin and tonic with

Gin and tonic can be combined with many different dishes, but there are certain combinations, for example i cold dishes and fish, which more than others enhance its flavor. Try it as an aperitif with savory dishes such as butter and anchovy croutons, aged cheeses, fried mozzarella or fried fish, which will be “defatted” by the drink, or prepare it for a dinner party special: it will be perfect with smoked salmon, seafood spaghetti or mixed paella.


The most classic version of gin and tonic is to add lemon zest, which can be rubbed on the rim of the glass to enhance the citrus note, but the drink can also be flavored with spices and of herbs: here are three variants of Gin and tonic to try.

Rosemary gin and tonic

Rosemary gives a special aromatic touch to gin and tonic, giving a bouquet of flavors that this drink is unlikely to give (unless you use an excellent gin with very rich nuances). To prepare this version, all you have to do is add a sprig of rosemary to your drink, letting it infuse for a few seconds so that it releases all its aroma.

Grapefruit gin and tonic

If you want to retain the citrus flavor of lemon but prefer something sweeter, try the grapefruit variation. Mix the sugar, three sprigs of tarragon, a few ice cubes, the grapefruit juice and the gin in a shaker. Then serve with a slice of grapefruit and another sprig of tarragon.

Cucumber gin and tonic

Finally, the cucumber gin and tonic is perfect for summer, an ingredient that enhances the freshness of the cocktail. Add a few slices while mixing, then use it for decoration as well.

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