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Gluten-free bechamel: the easy and tasty recipe with cornstarch

Gluten-free bechamel: the easy and tasty recipe with cornstarch

There Bechamel is the best known and appreciated of the white sauces: a typical preparation of French cuisine which is made from a roux of butter and flour to which milk is then added. Enriched, to taste, with nutmeg and black pepper, but also Parmesan cheese, it is used to make many recipesincluding baked pasta, lasagna and vegetables au gratin.

In our recipe we prepare the bechamel gluten free e lactose, ideal for those who suffer from celiac disease or for those who are intolerant to any of these foods. You can use cornstarch, potato starch, but also rice flour or a specific gluten-free flour.

Instead of lactose-free milk, you can also use one vegetable drink made with soy or almonds: just make sure it has no added sugar.

Find out how to do it by following the step-by-step procedure and advice.

How to prepare a gluten-free béchamel

In a saucepan, melt the butter over low heat 1.

Add sifted cornstarch 2.

Whisk to remove lumps 3.

Cook for about a minute or in any case as soon as the mixture is homogeneous. At this point, slowly add the milk, stirring constantly 4.

Add salt, pepper and a pinch of nutmeg 5.

Keep stirring until the bechamel thickens 6.

Check the consistency, which should be creamy but not runny 7.

Transfer the béchamel sauce to a baking dish or bowl 8 and cover with cling film if you don’t need to use it right away.

Your béchamel is ready to be used 9.


Remember sift always cornstarch, or your choice of flour, and use room temperature milk. If you forgot to take the milk out of the refrigerator, you can heat it slightly, without letting it boil.

If you must use the bechamel sauce to prepare the lasagna, leave it a little more liquid. Alternatively, you can make a thicker, thicker sauce.


You can store gluten-free bechamel for 2-3 days in the refrigerator, covered with transparent film or in a special airtight container.

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