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Homemade ice cream cones: the quick and easy recipe for thin and crunchy waffles

Homemade ice cream cones: the quick and easy recipe for thin and crunchy waffles

I homemade ice cream cones are a real treat to bring to the table, in combination with scoops of ice cream of your favorite flavor, when you want a dessert healthy and genuine, 100% home made. They are prepared without the aid of any particular equipment, but simply with eggs, flour, milk, butter, sugar and a drop of vanilla essence to perfume everything.

Once a batter smooth and free of lumps, this is poured, a ladle at a time, on a hot non-stick pan and left to cook on both sides, until golden brown (not a minute more). The puff pastry disc obtained, it will then be rolled while still boiling like a cone, decorated as desired with melted chocolate, sprinkles of sugar and chopped hazelnuts, and then left to cool completely. You will thus obtain very crunchy waffles to serve for the snack of children, on the occasion of a party or a special occasion, or to delight guests at the end of the meal.

For the success of the recipe it is essential to roll out the batter to a very thin layer and roll up the cones as soon as they are removed from the heat: in this way they will be soft, elastic and easily take shape. Keep them still for 1-2 minutes, sealing the tip and the base part with your fingers and, only after they have hardened, proceed to make the others. For an even more precise result, you can pack the pods with a special wooden cone. Just put it in the center of the dough, overlap the two edges by tightening them at the tip, and that’s it.

If you wish you can decorate them as we did or enjoy them naturally, or dip the ends in White chocolate melted and chopped pistachios. Once done, don’t forget the cones in the air, but keep them inside tin boxes or in an airtight container: they will remain fragrant for days.

Find out how to prepare homemade ice cream cones by following the step by step procedure and advice. If you liked this recipe, try many flavors of ice cream to combine with crunchy waffles:

How to prepare homemade ice cream cones

Shell the eggs in a bowl 1.

Add the sugar 2.

Perfumes with vanilla extract 3.

Pour in the melted butter 4 and mix for a few moments.

Combine the milk 5.

Incorporate the sifted flour 6.

And mix vigorously with a whisk until you get a smooth, lump-free batter 7.

Pour a ladle of batter into a non-stick pan and distribute it with the back of a spoon to obtain a thin disc of about 18 cm in diameter 8.

When the batter has set and has taken on a nice golden color 9turn the wafer gently and continue cooking on the other side as well.

Transfer the hot waffle to a flat plate and roll it quickly with your hands, being careful not to burn yourself, so as to form a cone 10.

Keep them fit 11 for a couple of minutes, or until the cone has cooled down.

Continue like this until the batter runs out 12.

Then lightly dip the base of the cones into the melted chocolate 13previously melted in a water bath.

Pass a part of it in the sugar sprinkles 14.

Another in the coconut flakes 15.

And the rest in the chopped hazelnuts 16. Let the cones dry as you stand them in a glass, or in a cone holder.

Once ready 17fill the cones with your favorite ice cream flavor and serve.


Homemade ice cream cones are kept in an airtight container, away from humidity, for Three days massimo.

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