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House of breadsticks and salami: the recipe for a delicious and scenographic Christmas aperitif

House of breadsticks and salami: the recipe for a delicious and scenographic Christmas aperitif

The house of breadsticks and salami it’s a Christmas aperitif whimsical and scenographic, the salty version of the classic gingerbread house, typical of North American and Northern European countries. To do this, we used a base cardboard box which will be covered with parchment paper, before making all the elements of the Christmas house with breadsticks, salt sticks, salami, Cream cheese, sliced ​​cheese e Rosemary. For the preparation you can use the cold cuts and cheese you prefer, you just need a little imagination to customize this delicious dish charcuterie chalet according to your needs and availability. Here’s how to make your own homemade breadsticks and salami step by step.

There are many Christmas appetizers that you can prepare, simple and delicious ideas to enrich the holiday table.

How to make homemade breadsticks and salami

Cover the Christmas house with parchment paper 1.

Measure the width of the walls of the house and cut the breadsticks of the same size 2.

Spread cream cheese all over the house 3.

Use crackers to create the door 4.

Make the wall with breadsticks. Put salt sticks in the corners of the house 5.

Spread the cheese on the cracker and attach it to the walls of the house. Add small pieces of cheese on the windows to simulate the light of the house and put salt sticks on the windowsills 6.

Put the slices of salami on the roof seven.

Spread the cheese on top and put a piece of breadstick to simulate the chimney flue 8.

Cut rectangles of salami slices and place them on the front of the roof 9.

Stick the rosemary above the front door ten.

If you want, you can make a snow path with cream cheese and use rosemary to make saplings outside the house. Use grated cheese to simulate snowfall 11.

The house of breadsticks and salami is ready to be brought to the table 12.

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