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How Many Islands are within the World?

We wager you’ve puzzled what number of islands there are on this planet at the very least as soon as in your life. No worries! You’re proper the place you might want to be, as we’ve the reply to that query and different thrilling particulars on the topic.

We’ll first talk about the definition of an island; then, we’ll transfer on to what number of islands there are on this planet, what number of of them are inhabited, and what number of are uninhabited. You’ll additionally discover out which nation has essentially the most islands and that are the largest and smallest islands on this planet. All you’ve obtained to do is learn and luxuriate in!

What’s an island?

An island is a chunk of land surrounded by water.

Pietro Basilico/

If we wish to set up what number of islands there are on this planet, we’d like first to grasp what an island is. By definition, an island is a chunk of land surrounded by water. Islands can happen within the oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes.

There are six forms of islands: tidal, barrier, oceanic, coral, continental, and synthetic islands. If the islands are by some means related by way of geography and geology, they kind an archipelago.

Are continents islands?

Analyzing the data above, we will simply state {that a} continent is an island as properly, proper? It’s a chunk of land, and it’s surrounded by water. Nonetheless, as a lot as we’d wish to name continents islands, they’re not. Why? As a result of they’re extraordinarily giant items of land. Even the smallest continent on the planet, Australia, is 3 times larger than Greenland, the most important island on this planet.

There’s a geological rationalization for this. A continent is a big landmass on a continental plate. An island, however, is both an extension of the oceanic crust or belongs to a continental plate that incorporates a bigger landmass and known as a continental island.

Greenland is a continental island, because it sits on the North American Plate. Australia is a big landmass of a continental plate.

What number of islands are on this planet?

Islands in the Indian Ocean - Mauritius island
There are round 900,000 official islands on this planet.

Myroslava Bozhko/

There are round 900,000 official islands on this planet. Every nation has totally different standards for together with a chunk of land within the official island record. This quantity consists of all of the official reported islands in every nation. There could also be tens of 1000’s or a whole lot of 1000’s of tiny islands which might be unknown or talked about anyplace.

Given the definitions and classifications talked about above, it’s not possible to state precisely what number of islands there are on this planet. For instance, can we additionally depend the inland islands that typically could be simply small plenty of rocks? 

There isn’t a basic rule concerning the dimensions of the landmass relating to defining islands. Nonetheless, it’s believed that an island needs to be giant sufficient to have area for at the very least a tree and may have the means to help unbiased vegetation.

An official variety of islands our planet hosts doesn’t exist. We are able to state an approximate quantity by analyzing the information reported by every nation. This knowledge can nonetheless be inaccurate. If we have been to depend them this manner, we’d get round 900,000 islands. Nonetheless, there are lots of different 1000’s of small islands not added to the depend.

What nation has over 7000 islands?

Some international locations don’t have any islands in any respect; some have only some, whereas others have a whole lot of 1000’s, with Sweden being on the high of the record. 

8 international locations which have over 7000 islands:

  1. Sweden – 267,570
  2. Norway – 239,057
  3. Finland – 178,947
  4. Canada – 62,455
  5. United States – 18,617
  6. Indonesia – 17,508
  7. Australia – 8,222
  8. Philippines – 7,641

Right here’s a listing of eight international locations which have the least variety of islands:

  1. Nauru – 1
  2. Dominica – 3
  3. Tuvalu – 9
  4. Albania – 12
  5. Samoa – 12
  6. Cape Verde -15
  7. Azerbaijan – 16
  8. Pakistan – 16

What number of inhabited islands are on this planet?

Of the approximate variety of 900,000 islands globally, round 16,000 are inhabited. Roughly 11% of the world’s complete inhabitants, over 730 million folks, lives on these islands.

A few of these islands are trendy and densely populated, whereas others are very remoted and have only a few residents. Whereas Sweden has essentially the most important variety of islands, solely 984 of them are inhabited. Indonesia comes first – out of 17,508 islands, 6,000 are inhabited. Subsequent on the record is Chile, with 2,324, then Norway and the Philippines, with 2,000. 

Java, situated in Indonesia, is the island with the largest inhabitants, having round 148 million folks. Pitcairn Island, situated within the Pacific Ocean, is the least-populated island globally, with 50 folks residing there.

What number of uninhabited islands are on this planet?

If we have been to depend uninhabited islands based mostly on the data we’ve already mentioned, we’d get a results of round 884,000. How correct is that this quantity? Sadly, we will’t say for certain. Whereas it’s simple to calculate the variety of inhabited islands, it’s nearly not possible to know their counterparts.

Despite the fact that we’ve an approximate variety of complete islands globally, there are definitely many others that haven’t been counted, and people certainly are uninhabited.

What are the 5 largest islands on this planet?

The most important island on this planet is Greenland, with an space of 822,700 sq. miles.


The most important island on this planet is Greenland, with an space of 822,700 sq. miles. The island is an autonomous nation inside the Kingdom of Denmark. The principle vacationer points of interest in Greenland are the glaciers and the icebergs, which have stunningly stunning colours. Pure mountainous landscapes and animals akin to whales or polar bears are additionally price seeing. 

The 5 largest islands on this planet are the next: 

  1. Greenland – 822,700 sq mi
  2. New Guinea – 303,381 sq mi
  3. Borneo – 288,869 sq mi
  4. Madagascar – 226,658 sq mi
  5. Baffin Island – 195,928 sq mi

What are the 5 smallest islands on this planet?

Just Room Enough Island
Simply Room Sufficient Island is the smallest inhabited island globally.


Simply Room Sufficient Island is the smallest inhabited island globally, measuring 3,300 sq ft (0.0001 sq mi). A rich household bought the island within the Fifties to function a vacation residence. This island is so small {that a} step within the unsuitable route will get you into the water. The island hosts a home, a tree, a small seashore, and a few shrubs. 

Simping Island is the smallest uninhabited island, with a complete width of 1.23 acres (0.0019 sq mi). It’s situated in Indonesia and is a very talked-about vacationer attraction. 

The 5 smallest islands on this planet are the next:

  1. Simply Room Sufficient Island – 0.0001 sq mi
  2. Simping Island – 0.0019 sq mi
  3. Dangar Island – 0.1 sq mi
  4. Wizard Island – 0.49 sq mi
  5. Bryher Island – 0.51 sq mi

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