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How Outdated is the Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon is among the seven pure wonders of the world and is positioned in Arizona, United States. It was carved by the Colorado River, which flows all the way in which from the Rocky Mountains. The formation is 277 miles lengthy, 18 miles huge, and over a mile deep. These are the numbers that everybody desires to know in regards to the Grand Canyon, however there will not be many who marvel how outdated it’s.

Age is an important issue, particularly for these excited by extra than simply the aesthetic facet of such pure formations. Subsequently, when you’ve already learn every little thing there’s in regards to the Grand Canyon’s flora, fauna, and up to date historical past, it’s now time to study extra about its age and the way it got here to be, amongst different issues.

How outdated is the Colorado River?

In accordance with analysis, the Colorado River is round 6 million years outdated.

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In accordance with analysis, this river is round 6 million years outdated. It was shaped by the dashing waters coming from the Rocky Mountains, the identical waters that helped with the formation of the Grand Canyon.

Water from the Rocky Mountains carves rock wherever it flows. Whereas the Colorado River expands or grows, so do the canyons and areas it passes via. Creating the river and the close by canyons is a continuing and present process course of.

This facet is what makes pinpointing the precise age of the Grand Canyon a troublesome job. Contemplating the pure motion of the Colorado River on the encompassing canyons, it may be mentioned that every canyon is as outdated because the river itself. Nonetheless, that’s not fully appropriate, as you’ll see under.

How outdated is the Grand Canyon?

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The Grand Canyon is especially composed of sizzling inside rock from the planet’s underground layers.


The Grand Canyon is round 6 million and 70 million years outdated. Two points are taken into consideration – when water began carving away the rock of the Grand Canyon and when the talked about rock started to chill off.

The Grand Canyon is especially composed of sizzling inside rock from the planet’s underground layers. Round 50 to 70 million years in the past, a sizzling inside rock got here to the floor and cooled down. There may be additionally a sizzling inside rock that surfaced and cooled down round 15 to twenty million years in the past.

Then, rock carved by the water dashing down from the Rocky Mountains should even be thought of. Whereas the oldest elements of the canyon are basically outdated sizzling rock that cooled down, so to talk, the newer elements are 5 to 6 million years outdated. They mark the time when the Colorado River started carving the canyon.

The river carved a single canyon of roughly 4,000 ft deep within the first two million years. Then, within the subsequent three to 4 million years, the fixed erosion made the canyon longer, wider, and deeper. This canyon represents the preliminary form of the Grand Canyon.

Is the Grand Canyon older than dinosaurs?

The rock of the Grand Canyon is older than dinosaurs – by about 5 million years. The older elements of the Grand Canyon are round 70 million years outdated. Dinosaurs went extinct on the finish of the Cretaceous Interval, roughly 65 million years in the past.

In fact, the Grand Canyon was considerably totally different through the time of the dinosaurs. The canyon’s look as we all know it right now began being formed solely when the water from the Rocky Mountains began pouring down, heading west to the Pacific, ultimately forming the Colorado River.

How did the Grand Canyon type, and the way lengthy did it take?

Grand Canyon National Park - Sunrise
The “Hurricane” section of the Grand Canyon is claimed to have been wholly carved round 70 million years in the past.


The Grand Canyon consists of 5 segments: Marble Canyon, the Japanese Grand Canyon, Muav Gorge, the Westernmost Grand Canyon, and Hurricane. Solely Hurricane is claimed to have been wholly carved round 70 million years in the past when the Colorado River was not flowing but.

The jap Grand Canyon is about 15 to twenty million years outdated. In accordance with scientists, it’s been carved solely midway via. The three different segments, representing 80% of the Grand Canyon, are the one segments shaped by the Colorado River. This course of occurred up to now 5 to 6 million years.

The formation strategy of the Grand Canyon began round 70 million years in the past, and it’s nonetheless occurring. As water carves the canyon’s rock, the apatite crystals inside it cool off, thus creating the canyon partitions. If water hadn’t began carving the Grand Canyon again when dinosaurs had been nonetheless alive, we most likely wouldn’t have this pure marvel to take a look at right now.

It’s price noting that the Colorado Plateau, the place the Grand Canyon now sits, was shaped two billion years in the past. Its formation is attributed to a collision between two layers of the planet’s crust.

Information in regards to the Grand Canyon that it is best to know!

Are you in search of fast information and bits in regards to the Grand Canyon and its age? Properly, this part is simply the spot for you!

  • The Path of Time is a three-mile walkway and the biggest geoscience exhibition globally. Every meter of the walkway is a million years within the historical past of our planet – rock-wise. Nonetheless, the path was created in 2010, when it was believed that the canyon was solely 5 to 6 million years outdated. As such, the final six steps are the one ones consultant of the Grand Canyon’s formation and historical past.
  • Among the rocks within the canyon’s partitions which were uncovered by erosion up to now are two billion years outdated. This makes it much more difficult to find out the precise age of the rocks inside the partitions of the Grand Canyon.
  • It’s important to distinguish between the age of the rock and the time it began cooling off. Whereas they might be two billion years outdated, Apatite crystals and surrounding rocks began cooling off solely 70 million years in the past after they surfaced. Their cooling-off gave the canyon its partitions, flooring, and different small formations.

Why is it so troublesome to find out a canyon’s age?

Canyons are shaped via erosion. This can be a course of throughout which the water stream carves away the rock in a particular space, abandoning a canyon-type formation. One of many predominant the explanation why figuring out a canyon’s age is such a posh course of is as a result of the method of abrasion eliminates the world’s rock file.

There isn’t any bodily proof of the carving – solely what’s left after it. The panorama or landform created via erosion might be, let’s say, 10 million years outdated. Nonetheless, the rock that has been carved away in time might be a lot, a lot older.

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