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How to clean the pomegranate: 3 simple methods to peel it in a short time

How to clean the pomegranate: 3 simple methods to peel it in a short time

The Grenade it’s a autumn fruit gourmet and inviting that can be eaten as is, or used in delicious recipes, not just desserts. It is the fruit that grows on the pomegranate tree, characterized by hard, reddish skin outside and, inside, by many small bright red seeds. Its taste is pungent but sometimes even sweet and its juice is rich in antioxidants. The hardest part, for many, is thefruit opening but, with the help of Chef Michele Ghedini we will reveal to you 3 quick methods by clean pomegranate and have it immediately ready for use.

Once the pomegranate seeds have been shelled, you can enjoy them as they are or make a delicious liqueur, a cake, a tart, but also savory preparations such as a delicious appetizer or an original pomegranate risotto.

How to clean and peel the pomegranate

Let’s take a closer look at the 3 methods used by chef Michele Ghedini to clean the pomegranate.

Method 1

For the first method, remove the crown 1make a circular incision a few centimeters below 2 and remove the peel, crush the pomegranate by rolling it and make longitudinal cuts every 3 centimeters 3.

Flip Pomegranate 4place it under a bowl and tap it with a spoon or heavy tool, the grains will come out very easily 5 and your pomegranate will be ready to eat 6.

Method 2

For the second method, make a slight circular cut just below the crown, peel off the wrap 1 and make longitudinal cuts at each point where you see the white membrane 2with this method you will be able to open your pomegranate in quarters 3.

Method 3

The third and last method is very similar to the second, change the type of carving, make 4 cuts under the crown, so as to form a square section, remove the skin by pulling on the crown 1it will come off easily, now make longitudinal cuts 2 whenever you see the white membrane that divides the pomegranate into sections, open it by applying a little pressure and like magic you will have your fruit divided into segments 3.

How to peel pomegranate quickly in water

Another quick and easy method, which takes seconds, is to open the pomegranate in water. Arrange the fruit on a cutting board, make a horizontal cut and divide it in half. Dip the pomegranate in a container full of water: this way the moist crust will come off the grains more easily. With this method, you will also avoid getting your hands dirty.


You can store whole pomegranate for about 2 weeks. Once peeled, you can store pomegranate seeds in the refrigerator for 1-2 days, inside a glass container.

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