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How to make homemade icing sugar: all the steps to prepare it in just a few minutes

How to make homemade icing sugar: all the steps to prepare it in just a few minutes


Granulated (or cane) sugar

Lo Granulated sugar it is an ingredient widely used in pastry shopboth as a substitute for caster sugar, and for decorating or preparing desserts, icings, sugar paste, meringues and much more.

It is obtained by processing granulated sugar, which is reduced to a very fine powder, and is characterized by a fine and light consistency reminiscent of talcum powder, obtained by addingstarch gives more.

Instead of buying it at the supermarket, you can prepare it homemade icing sugar in a few minutes: an economical and quick solution, to always have available for your recipes.

To do this, you will need alone 2 ingredients – caster sugar and cornstarch – but you will need a powerful mixer or, alternatively, a bimby, to grind the sugar grains into a light powder. You can use it White sugar or that of canna; if you prefer, you can then flavor the icing sugar with vanillin, for the vanilla, lemon or orange version.

Find out how to do it in a few simple steps, and use it to prepare royal icing, canestrelli, ricciarelli, whipped cream, to stabilize whipped cream or to decorate the surface of pies, pancakes and cakes.

How to make icing sugar at home

To prepare the icing sugar, place the sugar in the blender jug ​​and blend on full power for 1 minute 1. Remove the cap from the mixer and, using a spatula, remove all the sugar that has settled on the walls at the base of the glass. Now add the cornstarch, replace the cap and blend for another minute.

If needed, blend for 1 more minute, but be sure to do this several times to prevent the blender from getting too hot. Once ready 2pour the icing sugar into a clean glass jar, close the cap and store in a dry place away from light and heat sources.

Homemade icing sugar is ready to use 3.


To make homemade icing sugar it is important to respect the proportions: for 100 grams of sugar, you will need to add 3 grams of starch. For the preparation of icing sugar you can replace cornstarch with rice starch, or use brown sugar instead of caster sugar: in this case, however, the result will be more rustic.

To prepare the icing sugar without a blender, you will need the bimby: pour the sugar and the starch into the mixer bowl and put it on turbo speed for 7 seconds: you will obtain in no time an impalpable and perfect icing sugar .


To accomplish it vanilla powdered sugar, add 1/2 sachet of powdered vanillin for 400 g of sugar, or use the seeds inside the vanilla pod. Alternatively, you can also flavor the icing sugar with the dried zest of an orange or lemon, to add to the starch.

To obtain powdered sugar even more resistant to humiditymix the caster sugar and cornstarch with 20 grams of white chocolateoperate the blender and blender several times to prevent the appliance from overheating.


After preparing the icing sugar, transfer it to a clean, dry glass container and wait half an hour for it to lose all its moisture. Then store it in a dry place away from direct light and heat sources. If, after a few days, the icing sugar should reconstitute, mix it for a few seconds and it will be ready for use again.

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