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Ice as well as Snow Festival in China is a World Class Event

Given that 1963 Harbin has hosted the Ice and also Snow Festival which includes a whole themed city cast from ice blocks cut from the Songhua river. The event includes a worldwide competition in which ice carvers from all over the world complete for rewards and also in the process develop an amazing sculpture yard in Zhaolin Park.

The venues are entirely various from day to evening. During the day the carvings and also slides can be seen as a snowy winterland, but during the night the colored lights iced up into the blocks of ice produce a colored fairyland.

” My youngsters love going to Harbin for the Ice and Snow Festival. They are 9, 6 and also 4 years of ages as well as it was best for them. Ice slides, carvings, pet and also steed sleds and also Russian warm chocolate. Considering that we remain in Beijing they ask to go back each year” claims Peter Danford, proprietor of Beijing Freedom Travel Agency.Plane tickets

and hotels have to be scheduled beforehand as the occasion attracts significant groups each year. The event will certainly open up around Christmas and also goes up until early February.Beijing Freedom Travel
Agency offers a range of personalized scenic tours on its web site, The China Guide-

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