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Inland Wonders: 14 of the Clearest Lakes within the US

A lot of the United States doesn’t stay alongside the Pacific or Atlantic Coasts, however that doesn’t imply that there aren’t inland wonders and exquisite seashores. 14 of the clearest lakes within the US provide up an alternate paradise.

As with most our bodies of water, the largest risk to those pure sources is human improvement and particles left behind after leisure use. When you’re going to go to one of many clearest lakes in America, be sure that to pack out every thing that you simply packed in.

So the place can you discover among the clearest lakes in the USA?

The 14 Clearest Lakes within the US

Listed below are 14 of the clearest lakes within the US:

  1. Lake Tahoe
  2. Hanging Lake
  3. Crater Lake
  4. Torch Lake
  5. Norris Lake
  6. Newfound Lake
  7. Flathead Lake
  8. Lake Chelan
  9. Lake Murray
  10. Lake Coeur D’Alene
  11. Lake George
  12. Lake Winnipesaukee
  13. Lake Powell
  14. Deer Lake

Let’s dive into every one in additional element!

1. Lake Tahoe in California and Nevada: The Clearest Lake in the USA

Lake Tahoe is the clearest lake in the USA.


Lake Tahoe is the clearest lake in the USA and in addition North America’s largest alpine lake. It’s over 1,600 toes deep and sits at an elevation above 6,000 toes.

The waters are crystal clear and this lake additionally has the purest water in North America. It’s a preferred vacationer spot with over 3 million guests per yr. Minerals which have dissolved within the water give it its attribute turquoise hue.

2. Hanging Lake in Colorado

Hanging Lake
The clear Hanging Lake is perched on the sting of cliffs.

This lake was created by limestone affected by a fault line. It’s perched on the sting of cliffs and fed by waterfalls.

The one approach to entry Hanging Lake is by way of a 3-hour hike on the Hanging Lake Path. This lake is positioned on Lifeless Horse Creek above the Colorado River within the Glenwood Canyon.

Wetland habitats about on this distinctive setting. Black swifts, which stay behind or close to waterfalls, stay on the Hanging Lake.

3. Crater Lake in Oregon

Crater Lake form the top of Watchman's Peak
Crater Lake is evident as a result of all of its water comes from precipitation.


Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the USA at virtually 2,000 toes. About 7,700 years in the past, a now dormant volcano erupted violently, and it created an enormous caldera. That caldera is now stuffed with clear water.

All of the lake’s water is sourced from rain and snow runoff with no inlets. Due to this, there isn’t a sediment or particles touring into the lake. That’s one of many causes it’s one of many clearest lakes in the USA.

4. Torch Lake in Michigan

1653032933 868 10 Incredible Lakes in Northern Michigan - August 9, 2022
Torch Lake has clear turquoise waters that look virtually Caribbean.


There are 14 lakes in Michigan with the identical river hooked up to them. This string of lakes is called the Chain of Lakes. Their turquoise waters are paying homage to the Caribbean. 

Elevated copper ranges could also be disrupting the reproductive cycle of some fish in Torch Lake. The lake is dwelling to coldwater species you’d discover in related lakes. Lake trout, lake whitefish, and deep-water sculpins are a couple of examples.

Lake herring and lake whitefish have been studied throughout the winter when the lake is froze. Their feeding behaviors hadn’t been noticed earlier than, and the crystal-clear waters of the lake afforded the prospect.

5. Norris Lake in Tennessee

Norris Lake - Dam Spillway
Norris Lake is a clearwater reservoir on the Clinch River.

Norris Lake is a reservoir with an related dam on the Clinch River. The reservoir gives precious water storage, hydroelectric energy, and flood management.

Striped bass is stocked within the water for fishermen. Fish aren’t as plentiful right here as a result of the lake doesn’t produce a lot of its personal vitamins. What is available in from the Clinch and Powell rivers isn’t sufficient to maintain massive fish populations.

There are black bass, crappie, walleyes, and sunfish within the lake.

6. Newfound Lake in New Hampshire

Newfound Lake in New Hampshire
The clear water in Newfound Lake comes from 8 underground springs.

Alison Leyton/

There are 8 underground springs that feed Newfound Lake. White spherical fish name this lake dwelling after being stocked within the late 19th century. Newfound Lake has additionally been stocked with salmon whereas brook trout name it dwelling. There’s a lake trout hatchery.

This can be a shallow lake in comparison with others on the checklist at 183 toes deep, but it surely is among the deepest lakes in New Hampshire.

7. Flathead Lake in Montana

1653098967 64 15 Insanely Clear Lakes and Why Theyre So Clear - August 9, 2022
Flathead Lake in Montana has clear water and ample trout fishing alternatives.

Wild Horse Island on Flathead Lake has a wildlife refuge that’s dwelling to over 75 hen species, deer, bears, coyotes, and bighorn sheep.

Lake trout and bull trout are discovered within the lake. Lake trout are invasive whereas bull trout are native, however the lake trout have been displacing the bull trout. Incentivized fishing packages have been put into place to cut back the variety of lake trout, however efforts are ongoing.

8. Lake Chelan in Washington

1653663812 849 Inland Wonders 14 of the Clearest Lakes in the US - August 9, 2022
Lake Chelan is the third deepest lake in the USA.

That is the threerd deepest lake in the USA at over 1,400 toes. Lake Chelan is one other glacier-formed lake. The Stehekin River is its important feeder which flows out of the Cascade Mountains.

The Chelan River is its outlet which connects to the Columbia River. Lake trout and chinook salmon stay on this lake.

A few of the birds that stay within the instant space of Chelan Lake are the cinnamon teal, the black swift, the white-throated swift, the calliope hummingbird, the Clarke crow, the western night grosbeak, the western chipping sparrow, the red-eyed vireo, the Townsend warbler, the American redstart, the catbird, and the olive backed thrush.

9. Lake Murray in Oklahoma

Lake Murray State Park
Even on the middle of Lake Murray, the underside is seen via the clear water.

Package Leong/

Even on the middle of the lake, the underside is seen. Lake Murray is in Lake Murray State Park, which is the biggest state park in Oklahoma. The Fourche Maline and Anadarche creeks have been dammed to create this lake.

The dam is an earthen dam, and the lake was created for leisure use.

10. Lake Coeur d’Alene in Idaho

Lake Coeur d'Alene
The water in Lake Coeur d’Alene is evident sufficient to see 15 toes deep.

James Sakaguchi/

You’ll be able to see no less than 15 toes down via the clear water on this lake. This a part of Idaho has over 50 lakes as a result of glacial motion and melting over the past ice age.

A 3,300 ft. lengthy floating boardwalk in Lake Coeur d’Alene is the largest on earth.

11. Lake George in New York State

Lake George in New York
Salt used on roads within the winter was affecting the clear waters of Lake George.


Underground springs feed the lake and it’s why Lake George is among the clearest lakes in the USA. There are over 300 islands on this lake most of which have both campgrounds or inns.

Highway salt used on roads within the winter tripled the salinity of the lake. Efforts to make use of much less salt on roads in developed areas across the lake assist alleviate the issue.

12. Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire

Lake Winnipesaukee
New Hampshire’s largest lake is Lake Winnipesaukee. Fagan

New Hampshire’s largest lake is Lake Winnipesaukee.

When you’re into the macabre, the Lake Winnipesaukee space has a deep and well-recorded historical past with cemeteries. There are quite a few cemeteries across the lake with headstones constituted of stones sourced from Lake Winnipesaukee.

13. Lake Powell in Arizona and Utah

1653083044 901 11 Amazing Lakes in Arizona Two Are Under the Radar - August 9, 2022
Lake Powell is susceptible to invasive species.


This can be a reservoir in Glen Canyon on the Colorado River.

The quagga mussel, which is an invasive species in Lake Powell, might change ecosystem dynamics via its presence. The long-term implications brought on by the cascade impact of those mussels are to be decided.

There’s additionally proof that the grass carp is settling in, which is one other invasive species that would trigger main points.

14. Deer Lake in Minnesota

Minnesota Lake
Minerals within the clear water of Deer Lake make it turquoise.

Dan Thornberg/

This lake has no inlets and is produced via springs and runoff from rainfall. The Deer River flows from the lake.

There are minerals within the soil and rocks that make up the lake which makes the water turquoise. You’ll be able to see about 13 toes deep down on this lake.

Fishing is widespread right here, with fishermen searching for smallmouth bass and walleyes. There are baitfish within the water resembling yellow perch.

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