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Instant yeast bread: the quick and easy bread recipe

Instant yeast bread: the quick and easy bread recipe


extra virgin olive oil

He instant yeast bread it is a practical and quick solution to make, ideal for those who have little time in the kitchen or who do not want to wait for the hours of rest necessary for the traditional sourdough product. Also known as bread unleavenedis characterized by a soft, fluffy crumb, with a tight, dense honeycomb reminiscent of soda bread.

The ingredients for instant yeast bread are those of the classic product, i.e. water, flour and salt with the addition of extra virgin olive oil, for a soft result Is it tasty. What determines a completely different product, on the other hand, is precisely the instant yeast for savory pies and the subsequent processing.

Brewer’s yeast, in fact, requires adequate dough and long waits to best develop the gluten network and retain as much carbon dioxide as possible during the leavening process; instant yeast, on the other hand, needs weak flours and very fast processing so as not to favor the development of gluten which would give a rubbery consistency to the final result.

Finally a high temperature baking allows the crust and surface to break off which gives unleavened bread its characteristic familiar flavor and appearance. We used soft wheat flour 00, but the amount of water may vary depending on the type chosen.

If you wish, you can enrich the dough with olive black or green, walnut kernels, a pinch of turmeric or a mixture of seeds, for an even tastier and always different product.

Find out how to make bread with instant yeast by following the step by step and the tips. Also try the yeast-free focaccia.

How to make instant yeast bread

Collect the flour in a bowl, add the baking powder and salt 1then mix the powders together.

Add water little by little while stirring 2.

Pour the oil 3.

Knead the mixture for the time necessary to make it homogeneous 4.

Quickly flatten on a work surface 5.

Roll it up on itself to form a loaf 6.

Place it on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and cut the sides with a sharp knife 7.

Bake immediately in a static oven preheated to 200°C for about 40 minutes. Take out of the oven and let cool down 8.

Cool on a wire rack and serve in slices 9.


Instant yeast bread can be stored for A few days at room temperature, closed in a special bag for food. You can also cut it into slices and freeze it.

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