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Irish coffee: the original recipe for the Irish coffee cocktail

Irish coffee: the original recipe for the Irish coffee cocktail


I’irish coffee is a classic cocktail of Irish origin prepared with sweet hot coffee corrected with irish whiskey and covered on the surface with a layer of liquid cream lightly whipped.

Irish coffee, as tradition has it, was invented in 1943 A Foynesin Ireland, from Joe Sheridan, chef at the city’s airport, who prepared it for shivering passengers following the cancellation of their flight. Sheridan thought of invigorating them by making a drink of hot coffee, sugar, whiskey and cream: to the passengers, who asked him if it was a Brazilian coffee, it seems that Sheridan answered : “No, it’s Irish coffee!“.

However, Irish coffee became famous when a journalist from the San Francisco Chronicle tasted it and devoted an entire newspaper article to this exquisite drink: from that moment on it became famous in America and around the world. .

Irish coffee is a kind of corrected coffee it should never be mixed, but which is prepared with lightly whipped cream, thick and not very liquid, so that it does not flow into the drink and helps to keep it warm. This Irish cocktail, in fact, can be defined hot beverage because it is excellent to taste on cold days: it must however be done pay attention to the alcohol content of this coffee cocktail, which is quite high: about 10% by volume.

To get the perfect Irish coffee, we recommend using only Irish whiskey, a large glassand say avoid restricted espresso but to prepare it for a long time: the ideal is to make the base with del american coffee.

Prepare Irish coffee and discover all the recipes to create a complete menu for Saint Patrick’s Day, the feast that celebrates the patron saint of Ireland: try your hand at preparing Irish stew, shepherd’s pie and St. Patrick’s Day donut.

How to prepare Irish coffee

To make Irish coffee, start by preparing the coffee with the mocha, preferably long 1. If you have one available, we recommend using the American coffee machine.

Meanwhile, prepare the cream: pour the liquid cream into a bowl and whip it for a few minutes using a hand whisk. 2until thick, creamy and not too runny.

When the cream has reached the desired consistency, set it aside and heat a large glass in boiling water. Once cooled, pour the brown sugar 3.

Continue by adding coffee and Irish whiskey 4.

Pour in the lightly whipped cream with the back of a spoon 5: as you pour it, lift the spoon, so that the layer of cream remains well separated from the liquid part.

Your Irish coffee is ready to be served 6: enjoy it hot and, if you prefer, decorate it with a coffee bean or a pinch of cinnamon.


You can accomplish different variants dell’Irish coffee, by replacing the distillate of your choice al Irish whiskey.

You can also prepare one summer version of Irish coffee using led cold coffee.

For the preparation of this Irish cocktail it is advisable to use a glass spacious or one with a rounded shape and a wide opening, characteristics that help keep the liquid part well separated from the cream.

You can make your Irish coffee tastier by adding chocolate flakes.

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