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It’s not too late to plan your 2022 dude ranch vacation!

It’s not too late to plan your 2022 dude ranch vacation!

Ranches are in high demand this time of the year, but there are still some opportunities to sign on. You will be joining a fun and exciting industry that’s on the rise!

Sweet! Your membership in the Dude Ranchers Association has come with some big perks! One of these is that your lodging, meals & activities are included in your cost. You only have to worry about getting there – once you’ve made it to the welcome gate, we’ll take care of everything else.

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So come spend some time with us on the ranch! Let us show you how to ride from true cowboys and cowgirls, fly fish in pristine waters, hit the range for some trap shooting or archery, and enjoy catered meals (and most importantly – dessert!).

If you’re just now starting to plan for your summer 2022 vacation, these are some great ranches to start calling. The good thing is that they’re all within reach!

Parade Rest Ranch – West Yellowstone, Montana

plan your 2022 dude ranch vacation

Parid Rest Ranch, located in West Yellowstone, MT, is a dude ranch that offers guests the best Montana experience. It’s accessible from just 15 minutes out of the west entrance of Yellowstone National Park and its great features make it a top choice for guests who want to spend their time exploring the world-renowned park.

The ranch is located around 30 miles from rivers and streams that are renowned for fly fishing; they provide a place to escape from stressful work situations and rekindle your energy again. Horses, water, cabins, beautiful scenery, and great food are all restorative in nature. Experienced horse wranglers and gentle horses will ensure everyone enjoys their family ranch vacation. Newcomers and seasoned riders can be accommodated with ease by the staff of this company. We provide rides for our cattle, horseback riding lessons for adults, and mountain trail rides from an hour to four hours.

Goosewing Ranch – Jackson Hole, Wyoming

plan your 2022 dude ranch vacation

Goosewing Ranch is located deep in the Gros Ventre valley near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It is a guest ranch that offers lodging, horseback riding, and hiking through a pristine wilderness. The Thompson Valley of British Columbia is the perfect place for all kinds of activities, especially horseback riding. The valley offers a variety of views, from the exuberant mountains to verdant & forested highlands and coastlines that offer beautiful vistas.

Novice and experienced riders will find the trails enjoyable with the right amount of adventure. Fly fishing is excellent in the area, and the ranch provides instruction on the stocked pond and section of the Gros Ventre River that flows through it. Retreat from the outdoor heated pool, sauna, or hot tub to go for afternoon activities like target shooting, archery, roping & horse care. Evening activities include line dancing and campfires. A Colorado Manco’s horse riding and cattle-grazing ranch for our clients and their horses.

Majestic Dude Ranch – Mancos, Colorado

plan your 2022 dude ranch vacation

Majestic Dude Ranch near Mancos, Colorado offers the ultimate level of adventure. It’s a place where you can swing up on horseback and ride among shimmering aspen trees in the mountains. It’s also a place where you can hear about the mining towns of yesteryear through fun activities like gold panning. Grow your company in Mesa Verde Country in the heart of Colorado.

Breathe deeply in the fresh alpine air and watch a fantastic sunset over Sleeping Ute Mountain. Only 35-minutes by car from magnificent Durango, Colorado. Colorado offers a wide range of activities for visitors just looking to come and enjoy the state’s beauty. Whether it is fishing for trophy trout or horseback riding with some children, there is always something to do. Spend your summers relaxing in one of the cozy cabins at Colorado River Resort and Spa with their great hospitality and comfortable beds.

Greenhorn Ranch – Quincy, California

plan your 2022 dude ranch vacation plan your 2022 dude ranch vacation

Greenhorn Ranch is a guest ranch in California’s Lost Sierra, located near Lake Tahoe. Horseback riding is the focus of the facility and the staff hopes to accommodate beginners in a safe and fun way. The goal is to get guests out of their comfort zone, see some sights, and have an unforgettable experience with nature. Wranglers and Greenhorns break bread at the same table.

With a total of 6,000 acres and access to 500,000 acres of public land for riding, Wagon Wheel Ranch is just more fun than your private spot. The wranglers at Greenhorn Ranch take pride in educating people about horse riding. They teach different styles of riding or have instructors to help you improve your skills. By the end of your time with them, you should feel confident on a horse and inspired to get back out and see the country.

Stagecoach Trails Guest Ranch – Yucca, Arizona

plan your 2022 dude ranch vacation

Ranch With Horses is a ranch and outdoor adventure park with a focus on horseback riding, western culture, and bringing people closer and reconnecting them with friends and family. Stagecoach Trails is a YUcca-Arizona guest ranch located in Southwestern USA. The property’s outdoor activities range from horseback riding, hiking, and 4×4 excursions through the mountain outposts of Vail Pass, Red Rock, and Bear Peak to name but a few.

This property is located in a secluded wilderness area, off the grid. The nearest city is 1 hour away. However, no crowds here: just incredible nature. With proximity to the Grand Canyon West Rim, staying in a dude ranch vacation in today’s world has never been easier. Just 2 hours off the Las Vegas Strip, you will have a great time exploring this gorgeous part of the country.

The staff at the Salty Spur is friendly and easy to work with, making sure you feel like you’re in the old west while enjoying peaceful desert scenery and lots of leisure time. Enjoy a Slow Scenic Ride among the Cacti in the Southwest Desert at this Dude Ranch, perfect for beginners or experienced riders. We have been providing safe and friendly services to travelers for years. Here at the Desert Ranch, your family will be treated to natural western desert beauty, sunsets, a spectacular view of 360,000 acres on Hualapai Mountain, and ranch vacations.

Sundance Guest Ranch – Ashcroft, BC Canada

plan your 2022 dude ranch vacation

Sundance Guest Ranch is an easy four-hour drive from Vancouver, BC, and accessible via 3 different scenic routes. It is located in one of the warmest, sunniest spots in Canada with a view of the Rocky Mountains. Sundance Guest Ranch has a large horse herd with a variety of terrain and different riding options. The horses are well cared for, and the horseback riding is mostly peaceful, informative, or challenging as each rider prefers. The ranch offers many activities including pool and lounge time. If you’re looking to relax, book a massage in the on-site lodge or the day spa.

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