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Japanese Slipper Cocktail: the original drink recipe with dosages and combinations

Japanese Slipper Cocktail: the original drink recipe with dosages and combinations

He Japanese Slipper Cocktail is a fresh and fruity drink made from Midorithe famous melon liqueur, Cointreau (o triple sec) e lemon juice: the sweet taste of melon is perfectly balanced by the freshness of lemon juice, giving life to a cocktail with a full and distinctive taste intense green color similar to that of the Midori Sour, with which it shares the main ingredient.

Be moderately alcoholic, with an alcohol content equal to 20%volis perfect for enjoying a aperitif light or as a digestive drink after dinner: sip it slowly to savor all its nuances.

Despite the name that has probably been attributed to it since Midori is a liqueur of Japanese origin, it seems that this drink was created by Jean-Paul Bourguignon in Melbourne, in 1984.

Discover the original Japanese Slipper recipe with the ingredients and dosages, as well as some tips for pairing it.

How to prepare Japanese slipper cocktail

Start the preparation of the Japanese Babouche by squeezing the juice of half a lemon 1then filter it and pour it into a shaker with ice.

Also add the Midori and the Cointreau and shake with circular movements, then strain everything with the stainer directly into the cup 2.

The Japanese slipper cocktail is ready: garnish with a slice of lime or lime 3 or with a maraschino cherry and enjoy.


You can replace the Midori with another melon liqueur of your choice, and also dilute the Japanese with club soda, which will dilute the sweetness of the cocktail making it even cooler.

You can also make it in an iced version: just mix all the ingredients with ice. Then, pour it into a medium tumbler and enjoy it on warm days.

How to match the Japanese cocktail

The Japanese Slipper cocktail is a drink that goes perfectly with salmon fillet and, in general, with main courses of fish and typical Japanese dishes. However, it is also excellent when combined with desserts such as apple crumble, typical of English cuisine, but also with coconut biscuits, sweets and cakes in general.

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